Sunday, November 25, 2012

on location || family photos

soooo we had a mini family photoshoot along with my one and only maternity photoshoot today! i know, i know, i swore i would never do maternity photos, but i swear these aren't THOSE kind. i just got so sentimental about this being my last pregnancy (yes, we only want 3 kids - can you believe it!) and i just wanted to cherish every moment of this beautiful gift of carrying a baby and document it. thankfully my sweet, friend sara begged offered to take photos for us to have and cherish forever. and after locking down a date, we did it! freezing, shivering kids and all! 30 degrees, high winds, no jackets or scarves or hats (worst mom ever, right here!!) and we survived! i can not wait to see the results especially after the words "act more married and less like buddies" were spoken. lol!

with shaking hands and my body shivering compulsively i managed to snag these quick shots of the beautiful locations we were at (oh! yes! sara's home!!) you may remember it from my post here but i just simply can't get over the beautiful rustic views. truly it was a lovely night complete with dinner, loud kids running, and apple crisp! can you say best photographer friend ever!! can't wait to share some of the photos with you guys!! until then enjoy the cows and my barn shots - because i just can't get enough! the cows (and cow jokes) never get old... MOO! xo

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Sara said...

Love it! You are such a wonderful friend to me. :)