Wednesday, November 21, 2012


my beautiful boy, how has it been six years since i have become your mama? i cannot remember what life was like without you. you brought me into this wonderful journey of motherhood, and i am so glad that God put you in my loving arms. your sweet heart and sensitive spirit has given me a glimpse of God that i had never before been able to imagine. the moment i saw you my world changed. YOU changed it. thank you! thank you for changing me and teaching me. you have taught me more in this six years than i have taught you. one of the things you have taught me is how to really, REALLY, listen when someone is talking and take in all that they said. but my favorite thing you have taught me is how to love in so many different ways and to take in each moment. your genuine kindness is nothing i have ever known. you love unconditionally and you truly have a gift for caring about others. i am so glad that you were born with so many gifts and qualities that i don't have. you are truly the most beautiful soul i have encountered. we are so very different and sometimes i have a hard time understanding all that you need, but you are so patient with me as i try to figure out this whole mom thing. thank you for being the easiest child to raise! thank you for always kissing me for no reason and crawling up onto my lap just to be close to me. i love the way you wave enthusiastically when i pick you up from school - even when your friends are around and how in the mornings (even if i have made you late) you run back to the car to give me a kiss goodbye no matter who is around. those things mean more to me than i could ever tell you with words. you are so full of love and joy and you have this contagious sparkle. i am so proud of the person you are. i pray every night that you don't change. that you aren't influenced by the world and events around you. you are so beautiful just the way you are! i am so proud to call you mine.thank you for giving me the most beautiful years of my life.

i love you sweet my sweet boy,

pants goat milk || top bobo choses || shoes minnetonka moccasins trapper boot


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I almost (yes, nearly) cried reading this since my oldest son will be 6 in early February, so I believe this is preparing me for such an event. How beautiful and amazing your son is and I loved the photos with it too! Where do you find such cute thermals by the way??? I can't find any for my boys.

ruffledsnob said...

I know watching them grow is so very emotional!! Six is a big change, but so very wonderful!!

I get them fromany different places these are by goatmilk. I also love Jcrew, Polarn O Pyret and mini rodini leggings/ long johns. Worth the investment for me since I have 2 more who can wear them after him :)

Hannah said...

What a big boy! Time really seems to go by faster after you have kids. Well, after the first couple of life-changing years, anyway. :)

Sweet post, and I love his shoesies.

Nicole said...

Such a sweet post ! I have a newly six year old daughter and I have found that six is wonderful!