Thursday, November 22, 2012


on a day when we reflect on all that we are thankful for these are the things that mean so much to me: my skinny husband who doesn't mind that my thighs touch. my oldest son who hasn't disowned me for often making him late to school. my youngest child who picks his nose in public taking the attention off of me and my unwashed hair. my pregnancy for giving me great excuses to sit on the couch and do nothing besides eat root beer floats. and i am truly thankful that i am not wearing glasses and my husband is not wearing a beanie in the last photos otherwise we would surely be dubbed as "hipsters".

in all honesty i am thankful for 5 simple things that rank highest on my list: a faithful God who has always provided. a kind and patient husband who is always my rock and keeps me grounded while showering me daily with his unconditional love. my precious boys who have taught me love like no other. my family for always supporting us even in our darkest hour. and for new opportunities and fresh starts, every day is a new chance to be a better person!

Happy Thanksgiving!

thankful i had time to do my hair like i used to - so glad it got documented today!


Tori Baldridge said...

Your family is so adorable! And that hair is AH-MAZING!! xoxo

ruffledsnob said...

Thank you so very much <3

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww how beautiful!! Amen too!

marissa (stylebook) said...

love this hair, lady! not to mention the beautiful family photos!

Nicole said...

gorgeous !