Saturday, December 29, 2012

new year, new beginnings

in 2012...

we established that jumping on the bed was a great family activity

we decided that sleeping with records was just as great as a blankie 

 we found it overrated to sleep in one direction

 we never turned down a new adventure

 we explored

 we loved nature

 we had costume parties in the bathtub

 we went fishing

 we embraced big bellies... and underwear

 we started kindergarten with our cousins

 we shared corn

 we made messes in the kitchen, and ended up ordering pizza 

 we cut off our mohawk

 we kind of did laundry

 we loved

 we discovered snow doesn't keep us down 

 we had moments that will never be forgotten with family that means so much

 we became kids again

 we sometimes scared ourselves

 we had a boys club

 we got healthy ...for like a minute

 we played music in the park

we were normal 

 we became pirates

we filled every moment with laughter and love

this past year was filled with so many new starts and ventures for us. i am sad to see it go. but as sad as endings are new beginnings are always more beautiful. there is so much to look forward in the new coming year, and i have no doubt it will be better than last. i am so thankful for the growth that came to each of us in this past year - rowan learned to ride a bike, started kindergarten, and learned how to sass back || brinley learned how to go potty like a big boy, play video games, and sass back || andy learned he loves to fish and get a little manly || i learned how to give up about pee on the toilet seat and booger picking, oh, and i learned to laugh a little more (yes, even more than the prior year). that brings me to my new year's resolution - LAUGH MORE. that's it. that is my only hope in this next year - to enjoy every moment and find the good in all that surrounds me. i can't wait to see what this year brings and i though we have had many beautiful moments and transitions this past year i am anxious for many new moments that are to come. we have so many wonderful things starting up in the new year and i cannot wait to see it all unfold. i love everything about being a mommy and especially can't wait to add one more little love into our lives!!! 

thanks to all of you for following our journey, we hope that 2013 is full of wonderful new beginnings for you as well!

much love,
shaynah xx

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[e]liz said...

Loved!!! What a fun funny + beautiful post:) have a great new year welcoming your newest lil man! And thanks for inspiring me to get out my 'good camera' again......!