Thursday, December 27, 2012

on the eve...

the holidays are always filled with so much love and chaos. it is my favorite time of year and i love the swarms of family that gather. traditions hold a great value to me and i love all the things that raising children adds to the holiday. we do the elf on a shelf - rowan couldn't wait to get out of bed each morning and search for those little buggers! but mostly it was great fun to see the wonder and joy through my childrens' eyes with each tradition we incorporated.

i love all the precious moments that we share and i am so thankful that my boys are happy and full of joy and bright spirits. there are so many wonderful things about celebrating our Savior's birth and the gift of giving. it is such a great opportunity to teach them about serious topics such as families in need. our kids know greatly that they are blessed and that there are children over the world who have so little. we don't ever take our blessing for granted and we never belittle the importance of Jesus and family.

we hope that you had a wonderful time with your families and that you were blessed this holiday.
from our family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(a note to santa: i love Christmas presents from santa love rowan)

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