Friday, January 4, 2013

a letter from mama

my sweet boys rowan and brinley,

life is about to change for you and though we talk about it i am not sure you completely understand what all is taking place. a new little life is about to enter your world, but do not worry, nothing or no one could take away any of my love for you! i love you each so very much and i would go to the ends of the earth for you - that will not change a bit! but i have even better news, it will be a new friend to hold onto and lean on and learn from. things started out cautious and timid between the two of you, but oh how you boys love each other and you figured it out so fast! watching you learn and play together is a simple little treasure that i hold onto very dearly. soon you will have one more brother that steals your toys or complains about you touching his stuff, but i have no doubt that you will embrace him and find all your favorite things about him quickly - just like you did with each other. you guys have a bond that the outside world will never fully understand, and i forever pray that it stays that way. there is just something about the way you protect and defend one another that me and daddy couldn't have taught it to you - it has just always been part of you. you both have strengths that you use to teach one another, and now you will be able to share those beautiful gifts with one more brother. i have no doubt he will adore you both!

in these last few weeks i am trying frantically to hold onto these last moments where it is just us four, but time is whipping by and every day is a challenge to take the time to soak it all in. you have both transitioned in life so fluidly and i know that adding a new little life won't hinder you one bit! it is a bittersweet transformation for your mama, to know that i have to let go of the way things are... and it is hard... and emotional... but i promise i felt the same way before brinley arrived and now we can't imagine a time where he wasn't part of us. this will be the same! the moment i laid eyes on each of you my heart was forever taken by you. the way you each need me in a different way is such a beautiful thing. i know i am still learning. actually we are all learning, but i love that we get to do it together. i can't wait for you boys to meet your new little brother! he is already so loved, and i can't wait to see all the things you teach him! i love you both dearly. thank you for making every day special for me!

i love you, little pirates!

for those of you who ask where we get our long underwear: both boys are in full Goat-Milk thermals (my favorite!!!) brinley is in the drop needle found here and here and rowan is in the ribbed found here and here i also advise you to size down one size for a snug and cozy fit, or order same size if you want room to grow.

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