Tuesday, January 15, 2013

reality bites

you know those bits and pieces / detail / close up sections of blogs? you know, the ones where it glamorizes the cute little things around peoples homes? yeah! the ones where it makes you feel less enthusiastic about your own pig-sty and gets you wondering why your little things around the home don't look quite as pretty

well, here i am to once again make you feel a little bit better about your own life. this is our new series: reality bites. because, well it is bites of our reality. it may not be pretty and we may not always be proud of it, but it is the real us! now don't feel so bad about your own home because I am sure that reality is a little more like this for most of us. plus, we can all show the {edited} pieces of our life that look good, and no one is the wiser. who doesn't want their life to look perfect to the general public of social media! ...now don't get me wrong i LOVE those little sneak peeks into peoples homes. they are usually my favorite pieces of blogging. but i am just curious how much they are really showing us... aren't you? 

rocking chair. isn't she cute! yeah, except that empty bassinet box has been waiting to get put away for over a week! 

our bed. ruffles and fluff... oh-so-pretty whilst unmade. 

yep, brinley's latest hangout. the floor watching the lion king. 

lunch: mcD remains. not proud of falling to this easy lunch now and then, but sometimes after errands it just gets the job done. 

poor little party invite, waiting for an rsvp that is 2 days late

lego bits spread throughout this place galore!

hanging on the bed post, because there is no better place to put them for now

waiting to be done...


Bees_Circus said...

LOVE this! It's great to see that someone who inspires me so much is so... normal! :)

Eva said...

haha, SO not even bad at all!! these are still glamorous shots to me!

but seriously, this is a great feature. love it.

ruffledsnob said...

MommaBBabyboy, awe that is sweet, wait until I get really comfortable with this post and show even more of my messy side! :)

ruffledsnob said...

Eva, don't you worry dear, this was just the first installment :) haha edits always keep things a little prettier than they are!

Nikki @ The Basics said...

I am a brand new momma to a sweet 10 week old boy, and I am struggling to be "perfect" in every aspect. I was coming to look at your blog for the first time in weeks to get some boy style inspiration...I was so HAPPY to see this and the last post! My house feels like it is barely standing and I am just hoping for things to become a little more stable again soon...it is so nice to see everyone is REAL! I lve the pretty pics, but sonetimes I enjoy seeing behind the smoke and mirrors of a blog. Thanks!

ruffledsnob said...

Nikki, congrats on the new baby! It is a very hard transition and I completely understand how you feel! Glad you like this post, but trust me there are even more messes behind my lens! Just take your time and do it your way, no one is right or wrong with how long they take to balance it all out!! xx

Unknown said...

This is the best series ever! I love it. None of us are perfect, and it's nice to see that other people also have stuff hanging from bedposts and empty boxes hanging out...thanks for making me feel less crappy!!

ruffledsnob said...

Heather, oh deer it is much worse than this! Trust me! I plan on sharing more - just easing my way in! I am convinced we are all slobs behind what we share on camera!! xoxo dear!

Maggie Bant said...

Wow! My mother and I were talking about this today! We were saying something along the lines of peoples expectations of their mundane lives compared to the photos on Instagram and blogs. It's nice to see "the rest of the photo" on your blog.
Obsessed with you and your boys. Lots of love from Australia.
Steph x