Wednesday, February 20, 2013

forts || we now resume our usual program

ok so we are still in baby la la land, but we are trying to slowly resume normal activites now that we are all getting used to wrennyn in the house. yes, even the dog is aware that the baby is boss! for everyone's sanity we want to get back to our adventuring ways despite the february lull. so, it is back to forts and little indoor adventures until the warm summer days free us from being cooped inside. funny what 4 little chairs and a duvet can create! forts are always a calming place in our home for some reason. it is a little safe haven of play time. rowan especially loves forts! naturally he is in charge of all that comes in and out of them. his new biggest thing is reading books and he will sit and read to wrennyn for longer than any 6 year old child i have ever known could sit still. this little place of stories even  draws brinley in. of course, once he starts getting bossy and trying to turn the pages rowan kicks him out. we even cozied up and took a nap in this fort, trying to hide ourselves from the unbelievably cold temperatures that lurked outside! some days you need to just take it easy and make a bit of a mess.

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