Monday, February 25, 2013


may the dreams you dream stay with you forever.

don't give up, little one, to the things you want to be. strive to be. yearn to be. your creative little mind possesses beautiful visions. how i love the way you see the world around you, you find the things that others would miss. you find love for things that others deem worthless. your heart collects things and holds on to them. i pray you stay this way. that in your heart you always stay little. hold on to the innocence of the world around you. giving worth to things that seem mundane. take in the things that no one cares to see. because others need to see the world the way you see it. it is a gift you have. you combine this unique love with your passion for art. you love to draw these things out on paper so they stay etched in your memory. and then they become etched in mine. oh, sweet child, how i love the way you show me the world. please always draw the way you see things, not how someone else sees them. your love to create stories through pictures is a gift. i will always encourage you to use this gift! always! there is something in you that always sees beauty, it makes my heart ache because i so wish to see it through your eyes. you are helping me. you are teaching me. one day, little one, you will be able to teach others how to see the beautiful things in the world that they are missing. i pray you stay this way forever. my little artist. my little gift.

pants by nununu
top by diesel
carboard box by mama


Unknown said...

Love that i found your Blog. Your Boys are Beautiful and your posts are inspiring and honest. Look forward to following <3

ruffledsnob said...

Such sweet words! That truly means so much to me and reminds me why I love to share my heart! God bless xx