Thursday, February 28, 2013

ruffle my camera

there is nothing i love more than to capture life's daily moments. there is something about having those realistic, tangible memories to hold onto and remember my children by. my camera is seriously on me 24/7 in my purse or out on my shoulder (this is half the reason i haven't upgraded, i like my lightweight nikon beginner). so i knew i had to have it when i discovered this gussy sews camera strap. grey, white, and ruffles?!? HELLO! this screams RUFFLEDSNOB - don't you think! i will always have a great love for anything ruffle! and ruffles, oh how gussy knows how to do ruffles!!! but believe me it is even cuter in person and it looks really good on me. ok but really i had seen gussy sews' shop through a few mutual connections that we have, but when we got in touch personally for the first time i really found out what i had been missing! her shop is filled with such great little treasures. cheery color. and pretty patterns. and RUFFLES!!! they all make me so giddy. and it made me realize i need to learn to add some color into my life after looking at her shop and seeing her keen eye for mixing print! and don't get me started on the headbands...!!! but even with all the vibrant colors, that my eyes were crying out for, i ended up with my trusty grey, black, and white palette. it was just too amazing to pass up. hey, a girl can only branch out so much at once! to be honest branching out and shopping for myself has been a hard task with 3 little ones to care for (...and buy for) and that is why i love shops like gussy sews that offer such great prices, and always having special offers of some sort. love her little shop indeed, but it gets better. as i messaged with her about her shop i came to learn that she is expecting a little one (literally any day now!!!). i love mamas who are in business for themselves! so i stopped over at her cute little blog to see a little about her life and pregnancy and i was thrilled - a midwestern transplanted into california - yep pretty much my dream! loved her already! and let me tell you, not only does she craft great little must-have items for your electronics, but she has great taste and even better values! can't beat that in my book! i encourage you to connect with maggie (aka gussy) she is a genuine and lovely lady! stop by her shop to snatch up one of the world's cutest diaper bags, or pop over to her blog and await her babies arrival with her. for a balance of her personal and business life you can also find her here on facebook or twitter.

ps excuse my photos as they were taken on my iphone, as my camera is now too pretty to use :) xoxo
 teehee i love that sneaky little orange sock/ foot in this photo 

camera strap c/o gussy sews


The Pinterest Housewife said...


How do you like your Nikon?

I just got a D5100 NIKON. I'm no photographer. I'm still learning and have LOTS of videos to look at to understand my new toy better. But, I was just curious, how do you like yours? What types of lenses do you use?

ruffledsnob said...

Hello sweetie, glad you found your answer, you can always follow our FB page or twitter and I can respond much faster too! :) xx

Unknown said...

Most importantly with 700 tvl dome camera you can disguise the cameras FOV where box/bullet cameras it is obvious where the camera is pointing.