Tuesday, February 5, 2013

soaking him in...

dear wrennyn, 

how has it been only days? you have overwhelmed me with love that i didn't know i had. i have done nothing but soak you in. every new noise you make makes my heart thump. every little face scrunch and yawn and cry brings utter joy to my being. my world is complete and my heart is full! God placed you in my loving care for many reasons, but mostly i think i needed you more than you needed me. i love you with all my heart, my sweet boy. i have nothing but love for all that you are. 

love, mama


our world will never be the same now that you have entered it, and we are so thankful for that. we can't wait to see your little personality grow. will you be wild like brinley's free spirit or will you be kind and gentle like rowan's sweet soul? we have no idea what to expect from your little self. your brothers already love you dearly and take such good care of you. you have no idea what power you have over all of us. each little squeak gains our full attention. thankfully our dance parties and rambunctious behaviors haven't bothered you one bit! welcome to our crazy, kooky, wacky world, little man! 

love from us all xx

we have a lot of sharing that we want to do in the upcoming weeks and i apologize for not being a very good blogger in my last few weeks of pregnancy! we may take a while to get on track because we are busy saoking in our precious new life, but you can join us daily here on instagram to keep up with us while we adjust to this busy new life of ours!

ps can you blame us for putting everything off to stare at that sweet face!?!


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