Thursday, February 21, 2013

weekend wanderer

a little outfit inspiration for the upcoming weekend.

for some reason after this pregnancy i am struggling with my body. perhaps it is the 50lbs (gasp! yes 50!) i gained throughout my pregnancy that is still hanging on tight... maybe not tight, but it is hanging on! if i can be totally honest, i am ready to start looking less like a tired mom and more like a respectable lady. here are my thoughts behind this get-up. flared jeans for elongating my legs and balancing the hips out. low heels to add just a bit of height without getting all victoria beckham 5-inched-platformed-soccer-mom, puh, like that is even realistic! a non-fitted shirt so i don't have to try and suck in my pouchy tummy (yeah the one that makes you look like you are still 5 months pregnant - such a lovely side effect). a big bag cause let's be honest i have children and carry all kinds of crap around with me daily. a oversized coat to again hide those unpleasant extra pounds i will probably never lose. and a beanie, because i am certain that i won't have time to wash my hair. i will be looking real fine come saturday... now if only i had some place to go...

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