Monday, March 11, 2013

bits + pieces of his room

rowan is your little keeper. he is  always watching over you and telling you all the wonderful things that he knows. he tends to kiss you just a little too often passing along those school germs that have you all stuffed up. he even loves to try and wake you up on "accident" by kissing you because he loves when your eyes are open. little wrennyn, you have no idea how well you are cared for. rowan adores you more than anything. he reads to you and is constantly assuring you of your cuteness (as if you didn't know how adorable you are already). he sings sweet songs to you and is very protective of harm coming your way, which is usually inflicted by your other brother... 

i know you are in good hands with rowan watching over you. i have a feeling he will always have your best interest at hand, even when you are older because he gets very bothered when you cry. not by the noise by any means he loves any type of squeak you make, but he truly and genuinely hates when you cry as if he feels your pain. the other day i left you crying in your carseat because i was tending to brinley who had fallen asleep in the car and i was trying to get him into bed before i got to you. rowan was so mad at me that you were crying, he poked at me like 6 times within 2 minutes so that i would come to your rescue. you are so loved. and you could not have a better older brother taking care of you! you are forever loved and watched over. 

i get asked a lot on instagram about where bits and pieces of wrennyn's room are from so i thought i would share them:

wrennyn's sweet little blanket with the star is by far the most popular item that people inquire about and it is absolutely beautiful in person - it is the blanket that my husband always gravitates towards when wrapping wrennyn, that makes me love it even more! it is from estella nyc and you can find it here and

it is made of 100% alpaca which makes it extra luxurious.
wrennyn's little outfit is always from estella nyc and it seriously feels like baby skin it is so soft. i always put him in it! it has this perfect amount of stretch to it which makes in super easy to get on and off and let's be real, that makes my life easier! you can find it here.

every little boys needs his first baseball this is the cutest rattle and for an added bonus his brothers can toss it around without worry of any black and blue eyes to sort out.

with my love for NYC (and the fact i love to pretend i will move there one day). it is only fitting we have incorporate a rattle taxi so we always have a piece of the city with us!

then there is my favorite luckyboysunday collection, those beautiful friends that i buy more for me thatn the kids! you can find the more colorful counterpart of our pale nulle here.

and then our zebra jelly cat which is originally from when we had rowan is hard to find but here is more of their beautiful collection.

outfit, blanket and knit baseball and taxi c/o Estella NYC

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Elizabeth said...

Ahhh so sweet. What a great big brother! :) :) :)