Tuesday, March 5, 2013

guavakids giveaway

there is nothing more precious than your sweet baby's new beautiful flawless skin. when i was a first time mom i was terrified of how easily rowan's little flailing, uncontrolled hands would thrash at his poor little face. i would always stroke him and apologize to him for all those little marks he was leaving on his new pink skin. it wasn't that he didn't wear any mitts, because gosh dangit i would put those things on 100 times a day, but they would never stay on his tiny little hands. with brinley he loved to have his hands by head or face all the time. no matter how i bundled him he would sneak his little paws out of the blanket. he would wake himself up because his startled little hands had whacked his head and caused him to wake in a fit of panic that took several minutes to calm him down from. let me tell you, it was not very pleasant in the middle of the night! so this time around i wised up! I was determined to find something that would work to not only keep my little loves face free from war wounds, but keep him peacefully at rest once he was asleep.

i stumbled upon guavamitts in this great little toy shop that has a small baby section that is beautifully curated - if you are a minnesota native it is called creative kidstuff. i was actually drawn to the mitts more due to their pattern and design than their practical approach. i was eyeing them from across the way thinking "wow! people finally got the idea that these mitts can be stylish... almost like an accessory!" it wasn't until i picked the package up that i saw the adjustable velcro straps, "well that makes complete sense!" i said to myself. and honestly, why didn't i think of that! mitts that you can adjust once they are on so that they STAY on! brilliant! i was sold, these were going to make my life much easier - and they have! but not only are they practical and stylish but the whole concept behind guavakids is wonderful. i was lucky enough to connect with lili of guavakids, through a mutual social media friend, and i found that guava has so much more behind them than innovative design and brilliant patterns. i found that they are a completely eco-counscious brand! that they are just 2 old friends, who once they were moms decided they wanted to make a product that served their purpose the right way. and that business comes second to being a mother! i love all of these things that made these little mitts come into reality!

lili took the time to connect with me and answer a few questions i had about guavakids, she then offered up a giveaway to one of our readers! i love being able to connect with these wonderful women who not only have strong sense of business, but have kind hearts, and strong values! take a moment to get to know lili and guavakids and then enter to win a pair of mitts for you (or to give to an expecting friend!) you can also connect with guavakids on facebook, twitter, and pinterest

Where did the concept for Guavamitts come from?
Linsey – the idea actually started with me.  Nobody told me that my girl's nails were going to grow so sharp in utero and they came out with these razor sharp finger nails and as a first time parent, I was scared to clip them.   So I always put mittens on her.  And yet, I couldn’t ever keep those mittens on her hands!  I was always losing them and that’s when I decided to come up with this idea. And it’s true, like many entrepreneurs, I had a thousand more along with the idea of guavamitts 

Lili - The decision to pursue guavamitts was when I came in.  Linsey visited me after I had my first daughter and as we were catching up, she shared her business idea with me.  I offered to help with taking her idea to market and the rest is as they say history :)

What is your favorite part of being in business with an old friend?
Lili - Receiving corrective advice from someone who you know truly has your back.  That and just so much history and understanding that we've already built all these years helps us overcome just about any challenge that a partnership can encounter.  

I love that you say you are moms first and business owners second. What is the hardest part of balancing it all for you? 
Lili - When the motherhood realities (sicknesses, exhaustion) collide with business realities (aka multiple crashing deadlines and firedrills).  Sometimes that means our little ones are joining us on product tests or sourcing trips!  

Do you think that you will expand Guavakids in to other baby products in the future? 
Lili - Yes.  As early as late summer/early fall, look out for more beautiful baby essentials that work from your favorite guava mamas!

I love that you are an eco conscious brand. What is your favorite Eco-friendly practice that you do at home?  
Lili - Great question!  Being portlanders, this is a fairly easy one.  It's a toss-up between composting and collecting rain water in our rain barrels for our summer plants.   Hard to beat fresh picked fruits in the summer with the kiddos!  

As a mother, what is the one item {on a daily basis} that you can't live without? 
Lili - Intelligentsia (brand) cappuccino (home-brewed, of course)  to start my day!  

thank you so much lili and linsey for creating a wonderful product and letting us give this pair away! (MUST FOLLOW GUAVA ON FACEBOOK HERE!)

TO ENTER you must follow guavakids on facebook and then go over to guavakids shop and comment on this post telling us your favorite pattern. MUST use rafflecopter to track entries and find ways to gain additional entries! Contest ends on Sunday at 11:59pm and winner has 48 hours to claim prize otherwise another winner will be selected.


analaila said...

i used to put socks on my baby's hands lol!!
these are cute, my sis is expecting so this would be an awesome present.
i liked the grey ones :D

Jessica said...

Love these....super cute and I have to,agree and say I love the chocolate ones the best :)

Jessica said...

And I followed on Instagram "JesPetersen"

Unknown said...

I heard about how great these are from a certain good friends and I would love a pair for baby girl due in June!
I love the cream dots and the Tiny Zoo print!

Unknown said...

And I follow you on Instagram (JennaAnnK) :)

Unknown said...

So adorable! Perfect for that perfect little boy.

Anne Marie and Justin Ducote said...

Love the hopscotch grey print - I wish I had these when my first baby was born! I'll be prepared for the next!

Anne Marie and Justin Ducote said...

Followed on instagram - amducote