Tuesday, March 19, 2013

modern parent inspiration

with our modern parent pin party this evening i wanted to share some of the places where i seek inspiration for modern styles. 

frankie magazine's blog always full of visual stimulation and great DIY's 

the brilliant brand castle is a wonderful, but their instagram is a constant place of inspired colors and modern art.

ferm living never dissapoints. season after season they invent new color palettes and creative ways of storage and styling empty walls. their children's line is clean, colorful, and imaginative. 

lastly is my ABSOLUTE favourite. luckyboysunday. i can't get enough of the way they mix modern and nostalgic. their quirky imaginative creations constantly keep me coming back for more. the varieties of color and various shapes they use are a dream come true. luckyboysunday photos take from little scandanavian and rafa-kids

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