Thursday, March 7, 2013

the boy who sings at the top of his lungs

lately our days being stuck inside are just rotten. there is no other way to put it. the snow keeps us drudged up inside and there is not much to do since we have exhausted playing with trains, and cars, and blocks, puzzles, and any other toy you can imagine. the only thing that rowan constantly goes back to is music (oh, ok and legos... but if it counts he is usually singing or beat-boxing while he plays legos!). seriously, he is always singing, humming, or whistling - the cutest most pathetic whistle you have ever heard might-i-add. he constantly sings at the top of his lungs, and i love that is doesn't phase him that he is completely off-key, or not singing the correct words. it is one of the many things that he gets from me that i was thrilled to pass along. sorry, rowan, you will never be a lead vocalist, you can blame me when you are older. rowan loves to grab his guitar and perform made up songs for us when we are willing to sit long enough to listen, like any arrogant musician he gets upset if you leave halfway through a performance. listening to his songs is something i don't take the time to do as often as i should. i hate when normal day-to-day mom stuff weighs me down and i get antsy at participating. sometimes, i just wish i could smack myself and be grateful that he wants my attention. he is 6 and is already growing away from needing me. why can't i just remember that i will one day miss his begging! i already wish i could recall some of the songs he has made up. i want to forever remember how loud he sings (at the top of his lungs) and that he doesn't let things like his voice cracking hold him back. he really is passionate, and when he loves something he goes for it! full force and head on. i also like to claim that came from me, too, but i can't be sure. it is truly funny to me how this little boy who is so meek and shy can whale out a tune while brushing his teeth or getting his jammies on. it is really quite an amazing thing. i hope he sings loud in the shower when he is a teen, i would miss his cracking, and bellowing voice if he ever stopped.

rowan wears:: pants zara // neon tank crewcuts // shirt bobo choses // guitar vilac


carrie beth said...

So fun! I always say I wish I could pay someone to keep my house clean and all I would have to do is just sit and enjoy my kids all day!!

ruffledsnob said...

Carrie Beth, wouldn't that be amazing! It shocks me when people can afford a nanny to help them care for the kids, I would much rather someone care for my home! :)