Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the real deal

some days i feel stuck in a world where i get too wrapped up in thinking about what i should or shouldn't share. or if a photo is "pretty" enough to post. yeah, i love a great clean picture without clutter and mish-mash, but the truth is, i really like reality a whole lot better! i was browsing through our photo files when i told andy it was severely lacking photos of the 5 of us together. or even just more organic shots of us with our kids. you know giving them a bath or helping them brush their teeth type shots. we decided this was a huge mistake on our part, well, mostly my part... yeah, i love our little editorial style photos of outfits but when they are grown those aren't the photos they are going to care about. they are going to want to see their young, hunk of a dad with a head full of hair looking slim and trim, and they will want to see their mom rocking silly fashions and equally odd make-up selections. those are the photos i most treasure from my childhood! they will want to see pictures of us together sitting on the couch with laundry all over the place and toys askew, because that is their reality and that is what memories are jogged from. it is a mind frame that is lacking in our lives all together "is this good enough to share." it isn't perfect and it isn't always pretty, but it is beautiful! our reality is truly beautiful! i feel andy and i owe it to ourselves to be part of moments that are captured. moments that bring us back to that time and place. photos that remind us of who we were at that time and show how far we have come. photos that mean so much more than what they show.

see this blog isn't a place to try and impress people. are you impressed? yeah, didn't think so. it is just a place where i can reflect and document pieces of our lives, for our own sake. yes, i love being part of a growing and wonderful community, but i want to step back and remember that this is suppose to be a safe place where i share about the real us. the rowdy us. the imperfect us. because that is who we really are. i have always wanted to write it so that we would remember. we could look back and really relive the moments when our children were small. and wanted to be around us. and if someone enjoys seeing it or reading when it isn't all just pretty than THAT is the someone i want to be friends with. someone who accepts us how we are. if you are on facebook or instagram it is all about the "likes" people seem to be stingy with their likes... what's with that, only liking "pretty" photos?!?! that seems so simple minded to me! i am going to go back to sharing more of the kooky, whacky, goofballs that we really are and posting less of "empty wall space" because you know what, a wall is a wall, but a little boy in mud will always mean much more to me! and i am the one who really has to like what i see when i scroll through my feeds. and when i see these moments... that is when i am truly happiest!

i want to encourage you to remember to forget about taking a perfect picture, and instead take a photo that means something to you. i am going to start sharing mine under our series "reality bites" and i will use that as a hashtag on media sources #reality_bites. it doesn't mean reality bites as in stinks, it means reality bites as in bite size bits of our reality. if it inspires you feel free to share your photos or experiences under that tag too, you may make some really great friends! and if it makes you delete me, than we probably are both better off. 

Wrennyn's blanket is by Noé and Zoë Berlin


Unknown said...

Adorable! Love the candids! xoxo

Marie said...

Candid photos are the best! Love the baby photos.. So cute :)

analaila said...

i know what you mean, when i look at my parent's old pics i like staring at their hairstyles, clothes, background noise... pictures are a time machine!!!

ps. i love your baby's blanket!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! I love this post and know exactly what you mean, I love the more natural photos. :)

ruffledsnob said...

Thank you all so much for the agreement. It is encouraging me to try and keep it up! Thanks for supporting us! xx