Sunday, March 3, 2013

the weekend we didn't have dessert

headed out to st.paul, mn for one of our favorite eateries - cafe latte! actually it is always rowan's picks when we make it out that way. he loves the caesar pasta salad, almost as much as i love cafe latte's chocolate cake! since andy was with that meant we were missing out on that cake. yep, don't take your budget-abiding husband with when there are delicious desserts at stake! i thought i would be ok with missing out it, but turns out it is all i could think about the rest of the weekend! chocolate cake from cafe latte also haunts dreams if you were wondering. but andy's stingy ways didn't stop there. we went to choo choo bobs, this great train shop that our boys adore and once again that budget came to bite us. no new trains for the kids - of course this had nothing to do with the fact that they haven't played trains in like 4 months. eh-hem.... ok ok the boys barely play trains so not getting new ones wasn't so bad, but the weekend officially was ruined when we walked by a cupcake shop and andy didn't let us stop - not even for a picture! yep, we are officially the world's worst parents, 2 dessert temptations and not even a tiny bite to curb our craving. moral of the story don't have a budget and don't ever bring your husband along. 

all kidding aside we had a wonderful weekend out and about. we are thrilled the snow is melting and the temperatures are allowing us out of the house! 

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