Friday, March 8, 2013

toto knits

this is a very special giveaway. not only are these items beautiful and worthy of winning but there is a story behind each piece. let me start at the beginning: erin, who was once a city girl leading a grand life in new york had a great job and had a bright future ahead. she thought that was the life she would always have, and then 911 happened - erin found herself wanting more out of life, more out of her future. she wanted to be part of something with purpose. so she up and left her job and moved to kenya! she thought this move to kenya would be a fun story to share when she moved back to the states one day one of those "that time i lived in kenya for a year" type stories... but as life would have it she not only fell in love with a man but she fell in love with a community and a life in kenya. erin now heads up toto knits, the company with the most beautiful story and purpose behind it. toto knits employs not just the woman of kenya but the mothers of kenya. It gives these woman purpose and opportunity. it gives them a chance to provide for their family. it also creates jobs and skills that many women in kenya don't have access to. these woman who craft the garments from toto knits get to do so on their own time or even at home while caring for their families. these women get excited when orders are placed as they are thrilled to have the work, unlike many woman who i know who begrudge their work, these women take great pride in crafting pieces - that they hope you pass down for many generations! that is why each garment is made with a tag signed by the woman who crafted it. it is how they share a tiny piece of their story and who they are. so not only do i want to present you with this giveaway I want you to spread the word to your friends and pass along this brand that is empowering women who have so little to do a lot! moving to kenya isn't for all of us, but being able to support erin and her wonderful cause is something that everyone can be part of!

as you know i support not only small businesses, but my heart always reaches out to other moms and what better and more beautiful way to do that then to reach out to moms who really need it! i absolutely have fallen in love with toto knits more for what stands behind them than what pieces they are
crafting. i wish i could be more like erin in the way that she up and left all she had without any thought and lives a happy life full of purpose. i encourage you to follow their facebook page to follow her story and the story of the many women in her community! we are so thankful to have the chance for you to try and win some pieces, but i really hope erin's story inspires you and that you help me share her story with others!

rowan wears the toto kits hood
brinley wears the toto knits dress
wrennyn wears the toto knits classic striped pants and toto knits bonnet

all items made with soft organic cottons.


like i said this is a unique giveaway, so we have teamed up with the awesome fashion informants over at pop street kidz to help spread the word! we have decided that our facebook pages weren't enough, we wanted to share the photos so people would see the pieces and fall in love with the toto shop themselves! so we have decided to branch this contest out onto instagram - the photo sharing haven!

1. must follow @ruffledsnob and @popstreetkidz
2. must repost the pre-made instagram image {see below} of one of the items you would love to win - in the caption tag @popstreetkidz and @ruffledsnob as well as hashtag #ruffledxpopstreet
3. if you are a private user find OUR shared photo on instagram and comment on OUR ACCOUNT that you have entered.

you may repost more than one image if you would like, since there are multiple items. to repost image either save them to your phone from this post, or take a screen shot (screen grab) and re-crop image in the instagram app.

**winner will be announced early next week but contest will close monday march 11 at midnight**

knit pieces c/o toto knits

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