Tuesday, April 16, 2013

11 weeks old

my sweet beautiful wrennyn grayforde, you are changing so quickly. i looked at you last night with your face so full that your sweet cheeks were making your lips sag, it was right then that i realized i couldn't stop time. you are growing and changing and it will happen until forever comes. how on earth is time going so fast with you. you are healthy and happy and starting to plump up. it pains me to think this is such a short season in our lives having you so small. when you look at me your eyes sparkle and they are full of dreams. there is so much future for you, but if i could slow it down and stop life for just this moment i would. your tender smile steals my heart and there is nothing in this world i wouldn't give you. the new noises and coos you make command my attention and always draw me in. you always win, i pick you up and hold you close to me once again. i want to hold you close forever. life happens all to fast and having you remind me that it is ok to lose sleep, it is ok to have a messy home. this life won't be like this forever and to be able to bond so deeply with you is worth every loss. you need me so much and you want to be at my side all of the time. there is no where that i would rather be! you are forever mine. our little family is in love with you, we thank God every day for placing you in our care. we promise to always encourage you to live your dreams and shine your light bright. i love you my sweet boy.

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Anonymous said...

He is so handsome. Love these photos and it is great how you adore your boys as you do!!!

Lexie said...

Wrennyn is so beautiful ! Just like your others boys. Such awesome eyes ! You have a great family :)

Sorry, I don't speak english very well

ruffledsnob said...

Lexie, thank you so very much! You're so sweet! And your English was great, we love that you're reading from another country!! Many thanks! xx

ruffledsnob said...

Thanks so much dear!!! xoxo

april said...

i love this. he is so beautiful.

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Hope to hear from you!
Take care 😘