Monday, April 1, 2013

easter weekend || photo journal

no time for words || this is a crazy random blog post filled with crazy random real family shots! playing catch up on photos + blogging and kind of love the outcome. 

good friday with my wonderfully,  chaotic and vibrant family

easter morning egg hunt

easter sunday failed family photo attempts (also it was wrennyn's first easter and he turned 2 months and this is about the only photo he appears in. please tell him i am sorry!!!!! worst mom ever.)

easter sunday failed family photo attempt take 2
disclaimer :: we were not outfitted by jcrew despite how it appears :)


Vero S. said...

Ok I was laughing out loud when looking at your boys' pictures!!! Your middle one is sooo funny, his expression are hilarious! (Remind me of my lil girl)

ruffledsnob said...

Aw haha! Glad that you can see their personalities through our photos!!! Haha! :)

[e]liz said...

Hahaha! Just saw this post! Loving catching up on the blog after just seeing IG pics for a while... You are so talented, woman! Always inspiring! :)

chana malka said...

love those pants with the red stripe!!
where can i get them?

ruffledsnob said...

Thank you! They are by bobo choses and we got them at :)