Monday, April 8, 2013

off the walls.

energy levels are at an all time high. jumping off the walls has become a literal term in our house for the first time ever. well, jumping on anything and everything for that matter. silly faces seem to have to no end and there certainly is no restraint when it comes to volume levels. i guess this is how it is raising boys (or any child for that matter). the thing is some times i do get a little crazy, and lock myself in the bathroom for an extra moment or 2 for some time alone. But when the day is over and the house is still those moments are the ones i regret. i shushed them when i should have listened. why didn't i give them a snack when they asked? would it have really "spoiled" dinner?? i should have watched them do flips off the couch a little longer. did i wait too long to respond when they were asking something of me?? all of these things come rolling into my head at once, and suddenly the stillness seems to be filled with my frantic thoughts of how i am not doing things right as a mom. motherhood is a tricky thing one day it is great - you are at the top of your game, and the next you are failing miserably. i have found that thankfully my kids don't expect me to be perfect. they understand when things are hard, but ONLY if i tell them. shockingly they can't read minds. who knew! but it turns out, if i say my feelings and frustrations out loud (politely, of course) they listen. see kids have gentle hearts and usually they have a want for pleasing you. but how do they know what you want if you are throwing toddler-like fits? it is ok to ask them to help you out because you are having a rough day (that you dropped dinner on the ground, or that your car broke down and it is going to cost a lot of money, or that you tripped and stubbed your toe really badly). they get it. they want to help make your life easier. but they only can help you out if you ask or tell them how. most of the time when i realize why i am frustrated, it is pride keeping me from letting them see me at my weak moments. i want them to see me as superwoman - who does it all by herself. but guess what, i am not superwoman, cause i am pretty sure superwoman doesn't coward in the bathroom when she needs a break. and at the end of the day they don't need superwoman, they need a mom. someone who holds them. helps them brush their teeth and kisses them good night. a mama who tells them to dream to the moon, and reach out and touch the stars. they need a mom who shows them love and respect. they need a mom who cares enough to ask them for help. and every once in a while they need a mom who lets them jump off the walls, because you know what? that is what kids do.

rowan wears: noe and zoe top // nununu leggins // hunter boots
brinley wears: mini rodini sweatshirt // mini rodini leggings // hunter boots
wrennyn rides in stokke xplory

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