Monday, April 29, 2013

the little things we do

a bit about brinley::

he bites his toe nails. he often walks on his tippy toes. his hair swishes back and fourth when he runs. he likes to peek his eyes open as we pray, the little rebel. he will offer you a kiss, but will lick you instead. he loves the hulk. he loves to claim his dinner-plate color first by the old-fashioned game of "called it!" followed up by "in your face!". he starting to become fond of wrennyn, but only when he can incorporate his undying love to him while stalling at bed time. he will ask you your name a million times. then repeatedly ask if you're a boy or a girl. he still picks his nose. and he loves the backyardigans. he can navigate netflix, yet can't figure out a trike. you can find him praying for puppies and elephants at the end of the day still. he loves to sneak out the front door and make his way to the sandbox alone, yet he still can't figure out how to get himself into the carseat. this kid is all passion. i love that i still get to squeeze his cheeks and pinch his buns! i simply think he is awesome.

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