Tuesday, April 23, 2013

what are you waiting for?

whirlwinds of change are racing at you, but you are tied up in things that you don't want to let go of. you are constantly holding on to the things that keeping you from flying. your heart is a little place where you try to keep it all locked up for safe keeping. memories or moments that you want to hold tight. things that are grounding you. it is a frightening thing to let go of the past. but if you don't move away from the past how will you ever see the future? the bright road that is calling for you? the distant winds that warm you? often times we don't like to let go of phases in our lives, because it is the unknown that we don't want to face, we are comfortable and safe the way things are. but what future is there in the now? change is needed if you want to move forward. you won't see new things unless you take a leap of faith. you can't move mountains if you won't even move your feet. winds of change are coming again, so let go, let them sweep you away. quit holding on, and start moving on. there are beautiful streets where you haven't stepped and there are breathtaking scenes to look upon. but you won't see them if you don't move. so stop grasping on to those things that aren't worth turning back for. they were part of your journey. they are what made you who you are, and they are part of how you got this far. but now it is time to let them go. to take a leap and see new things, there is a new part of your journey that is waiting. go find it! but remember, you have to move your feet before you can start to fly. 


Barrett Family said...

Beautiful post and so much truth in it.

faces said...

Great post- don't waste a minute!! Love it