Saturday, April 6, 2013

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

it is a new day. adventure awaits. the sun is pouring in and begging you to come and play. beautiful things are off in the distance and nothing is beyond your reach. your precious life is waiting, waiting for you to take the reigns and lead it. don't hold back there is no one who can stand in your way. dream beyond the stars. and hope the best for others. the world is big enough for everyone to succeed so hold out your hand and help others along the way. you don't have time for enemies, because your dreams are too big to waste any time. take a chance, and if you fall grab the hand that is reaching to save you. because sometimes we all need a little saving. when you finally reach your dreams don't look back, keep going full force ahead. because your journey is never done. and you are always reaching for something higher. adventure awaits so go for it, i am standing behind you and always believing in all that you do.

^^^glam doll coma^^^

some times you need to drive 35 minutes just to get a donut. but not just any donut, a glam doll donut  trust me it is worth the drive, if you don't live in the city.  

rowan wears : little z kid pants // esp no1 jacket // hunter boots
brinley wears : noe and zoe cape // // diesel sweatshirt // crewcuts tee // babygap jeans
wrennyn : stokke // noe and zoe

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