Thursday, May 16, 2013

do what you love.

do what you love.

after talking to clients i have such a fresh outlook on working and parenting. i always promised i would return to work, but as the weeks passed by i was getting used to being at home. i loved being there for every moment. i was getting less and less excited about the idea of having to get motivated and out the door with somewhere to be and a schedule to attend to. now that i have been back at work i realized how important my job is to me. making people feel beautiful and helping restore confidence is something that i don't want to walk away from. doing hair may seem silly to some of you, but honestly if you knew how much it means to me when someone feels more beautiful after i have worked on them - words can't even tell you! it is about all i could ask for in life. being a working mom is something i take great pride in. right now i think it is really important for my boys to see me be part of something bigger and greater than just being their mama. my boys are my world, but teaching them to do something that they love and that they are passionate about is a HUGE part of how i want to raise them. i want them to grow up and not just do a job for a paycheck, i want them to find happiness in their work. to do the things they dreamed of, and find something that gives them purpose. i will always pray that they are lead by God and that they follow their hearts praying it leads them to a career that ignites them.

rowan is going to be graduating from kindergarten and they will be asked to share what they want to be when they grow up. i can't wait to hear what he shares. i truly think that when you are little the things you are drawn to will always be etched somewhere deep in your heart. i want him to strive for it and i will always encourage him to live out his dreams! i have always been thankful that my parents never pushed anything on me, they always let my spirit lead the way. i know andy and i have always said that we want the same for our boys. we are raising world changers, and every child has their own way of reaching the world around them, but you have to let them! i can't wait to see what ways my boys choose to reach the world and i will be behind them every step of the way! and leading by example is a key part of parenting!

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Kate @ StyleSmaller said...

Such beautiful pictures and your words... "we are raising world changers" ... perfect. Love it all.

ruffledsnob said...

So sweet thank you for you kind comment!! xx

Kelli Murray said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Being a working mom has been one of the biggest challenges in my life. But to think of not working, not utilizing the creativity and gifts and talents God has given me, is really hard to imagine. It brings me so much joy and I think having that outlet actually makes me a better mom. It's a tough balance for sure, but it's so worth it!

ruffledsnob said...

You're so talented! It is hard to balance and you're doing such an amazing job! I have truly enjoyed getting to see glimpses into your life and getting to know your heart - you're beautiful in so many ways!

Thanks for popping by our little blog!

stikkymama said...

Your words are very inspiring. I love how you nailed it in this post: working and being a mom.

ruffledsnob said...

Stikkymama so sweet thank you! It is encouraging to hear all these beautiful moms who put their hearts into both of those worlds! xx