Monday, May 6, 2013

going back

i wasn't expecting that i would love being home full-time so much. i swore up and down that i loved being a working mom, turns out i really have enjoyed my time at home dedicated solely to raising my kids ...and sitting on the sofa doing a whole lot of just staring at my babe. i get very emotional thinking of other people feeding and caring for wrennyn. no doubt there will be tear involved today. it will be a hard adjustment. and i know there is good that comes with working outside the home, too. there seem to be so many stay at home moms around, and it is surprising to me in these times, with things being so expensive all the sacrifices people make to be home full time. i truly find it wonderful that people are becoming more family oriented once again. i love seeing all these young couples putting so much effort into their marriage and raising their family, it is definitely a refreshing change! we certainly have always put our family first, but recently we have seen the payoff of these strong connections we have nurtured, and i love knowing that no matter what life brings, my kids will always know they are loved and protected. we love taking them on adventures and teaching them - it is such an honor to be a mommy!

i am hoping somewhere down the line i will be able to stay home, but for now i am so blessed that i love what i do (hair stylist - fyi) and i work so few hours. it will be hard leaving wrennyn, but i am also sad to leave the older boys, too! we really got used to being together all the time. we are praying for an easy transition for everyone. wrennyn hasn't been adjusting to his bottle feedings very well. so keep andy in your thoughts and pray for extra patience! we will be sharing some of that in our upcoming posts!

until then, here is to changes, fresh starts, and new growth this month. we can't wait to see what May has in store!


xplory stroller c/o stokke 

rowan wears: american apparel shirt // mini rodini hat // nununu pants c/o littlezkid // toms shoes
brinley wears crewcuts slub tee // mini rodini pants // toms shoes


analaila said...

well that explain why your hair is always so perfect!
I can totally relate to what you are going through, after spending a whole year at home with my son it was very hard for me to go back to a full time job. I cried for a whole month!!! :(

ruffledsnob said...

Analaila, awe you're way too sweet! And yes I can't imagine working full time, I can only imagine how that feels! :( it's so sad anyone has to leave their babies....