Friday, May 31, 2013

letting them go slowly...

Rowan is officially done with kindergarten and though they celebrate the kids' big accomplishment I think that parents should get a big applaud for surviving their first year, too! It is highly underrated that parents get up early, get their children ready and get them off to school on time with a full belly. I mean people say it is our "job" but for good grief do they know what it is like to get a cranky toddler and a hungry infant into the car to get a high-strung kindergartener into the building before the bell rings? Clearly those people who claim it to be "our job"either don't have kids yet, or have someone else bringing their kid to school. Do they know we don't get paid for this "job"??? 

I won't ever forget these first feelings of frantically going through his folder and discovering school started in 30 minutes and his homework wasn't done. Or hitting the snooze button 15 times before I realized I hadn't made his lunch for the day. Or that one frightful morning I sent him to school out of dress code because we forgot to buy new khakis since he had ripped the knee of his current pair THE HORROR! Or that one time that I almost forgot his field trip permission slip? What about that day where you are supposed to honor the teacher and you forgot her card sitting on the counter at home? Or those times the children at home were napping and we nearly forgot early dismissal? There was a lot of things I had to learn this year too! See! This parenting a school-aged kid is NO JOKE!

In all honesty this year was very surreal. It was full of new and mixed emotions about Rowan's new found independence and the fact that someone else was imparting daily values into his life. He was relying on and being cared for by someone else for the most part of the day. He was subjected to the other kids' behaviors and I wasn't there to swoop in and save him or comfort him. It is an emotional ride to realize that you are no longer the only person he is learning from and you're not the only one who wants him to dream big and do big things. It is a beautiful and wonderful experience but at times is a little hard to let go. As a mother you have always been the one to do it all, and sending your child off that first year is when you realize you are no longer their everything. It is a good thing! But it is a hard thing to get ahold of. We are so blessed that Rowan reached new heights and is thrilled about reading and making sure that he is blessing others! This first year is behind us, but there is a long road ahead of slowly letting go and letting him find who he is on his own. Being a mom is always filled with new emotions and it comes with many tears of love. What a beautiful experience watching our children grow and learn is!!

We are so proud of you Rowan and all that you learned this year and that your caring and giving heart reached out to so many! But even more-so that your manners were still intact even when mommy wasn't around! You make me so proud to be your mommy!

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking today about how different it's going to be once Aveline is school age. Beautiful post -- I love your honest reflections on this!