Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the farmers market

it was opening day at the minneapolis farmers market (e. lyndale) and the weather couldn't have been more cooperative. we went from having a couple inches of snow on tuesday to the most perfect temperatures that minnesota has to offer. it was a dream! we have never been to the season opener of the farmers market and we were thrilled to make it this year!

as we made our way slowly through the shallow crowds and found ourselves straight on with the cinnamon rolls, i am probably the world's worst mom because we just stared at them and didn't buy any. definitely regretting that decision as i drool over these photos. the boys got pity suckers from an employee and it may have helped ease their pain a tiny bit! but seriously what was i thinking!

i was planning on buying fresh flowers so we quickly made our way into the cooler and that lasted all of a split second. both boys darted out on me while i was eyeing up some of my favorites. i suppose heading into a fridge without coats on isn't their idea of fun... note to self: bring husband with at all times.

while we finished making our way through the isles and brinley made small talk with every dog that passed us by, and rowan smiled and politely replied to anyone who offered him a sample. even wrennyn was entranced with the fabrics swaying in the breeze and the hustle and bustle of people making purchases. it was a beautiful morning and a great start to a sunny gorgeous day!

we can't wait until fruit is in season! watch out farmers market, we may be new regulars!

Rowan:: pants by goatmilknyc // both shirts by bobo choses // hunter boots // carries a mini kanken // hat by american apparel
Brinley:: pants from a is for apple x opening ceremony // toms shoes // babygap shirt with cape // hat by american apparel

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Bridget said...

love farmer's markets. yours looks great.