Thursday, May 2, 2013

what to expect guest post

i want to share that i had the honor of doing a guest post over at What to Expect. i chose to share things i have learned from my kids. i am so grateful for all they have taught me! i really loved being able to write this piece and it was a great reminder to myself! i love being able to share pieces of our lives... 

"Life isn't always what you expect. When I went I into motherhood, I imagined little clones of my husband and me. Perfect little mixes of all our best traits. Then, our first son, Rowan turned four and started to have more opinions on things that were happening.
"What is this?" I thought to myself, "he has his own opinions? He thinks different than me! No one told me about that!"
It was true his little inquiring mind asked a million questions. As he would start to ask questions about things and I realized how creative his mind was, how beautiful he found the world around him. It was in no way how I saw life, and I found myself being hungry for the way he sees the world! I wanted to learn from him and I wanted to be more like HIM not the other way around! I had never in a million years saw that coming! Me learning from my child? This is not how this...  check out the rest of the post here 

brinley's cape and pants c/o little vida nyc
wrennyn's pants c/o noe and zoe
rowan's outfit c/o estella nyc


Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

Love, love, love the laughter in the last photo!!

ruffledsnob said...

Awe I like you! Real expressions are ALWAYS the best!! :)