Friday, June 21, 2013

a little insight to how i choose to dress our boys...

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My mom was out shopping with a friend the other day and she walked into a large chain clothing store. She thought that it had been a while since she has bought my boys some clothes so she peeked around while her friend was making a purchase. My mom came out empty handed and when she got home she said to me "I see what your boys wear, and it is so soft and childish with so much character! Nothing in that store suited them, it all looked like a child dressed as an adult." 

I could feel a huge stupid grin come across my face, hearing that gave me so much pleasure! Like I was accomplishing my goal! She didn't mention at all that I was a clothes snob! Or that I would sneer at what she came home with. She said that she didn't feel it suited them! She has never spoken much of how I dress my boys, but I love that she pointed out that their clothes are childish with character! That is exactly what I want for my kids. Young and childish looks! Nothing they wear makes them look like I am trying to make them grow up too soon. And we really don't put much thought into getting dressed - they are boys don't kid yourself into thinking otherwise! They are always comfortable. I know boutiques sound expensive, but you can find promo codes floating around online all of the time. To be honest I would much rather have a few items in our closet rather than tons of clothes that are mass produced.

I think that letting your child have clothes that help them really draw from their imagination is more of a gift than a status thing.  I think people should put thought into how they dress their kids - because it is part of representing who they are - it is not at all vain.  I don't get mad if they spill on them or wear them in the mud, they are kids they need to act like kids! It isn't vain to have them feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing. And I want you to know one thing - Rowan is old enough to choose his own clothing and time after time when given many options, he himself grabs some patterned leggings and one of his tops with an animal print over anything else he is presented with. He doesn't know the cost or the "label" on the clothes he only knows how they make him feel. That is what is important to me!

I am thrilled to have been able to work with and share one of my favorite online boutiques. Not only does Yazmin share my romantic take on life but she also has a kind heart and impeccable taste! But to see bits and pieces about her romantic view on parenting I encourage you to follow her FB page here

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these are some of our favorite boutique items that we are wearing all of the time on repeat and will continue to sport all summer long::

1: Wrennyn's star pants by louis*louise
2: Rowan's horse tank by stella mccartney
3: Wrennyn's softer than life anchor shirt // similar style 
4: Rowan's lion costume/ cape by wovenplay
5: Brinley's striped sweats by bobo choses

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Anonymous said...

I think it is great how you allow your children to dress themselves. My boys are just starting to really get interested in dressing themselves (that is choose their own outfits, they know how to dress themselves). I think the only thing that I discourage at times is when my 6 year old puts on his thick tall socks when it is 90 degrees out. He loves those things though so he wears them at home all the time but outside he usually folds them down a bit. I love the cape by the way!!