Monday, June 3, 2013

guest post || shan and toad: trending tutus

So happy to share that we have Shana of Shan and Toad sharing with us today. Her high end boutique is filled with the most lavish children's fashions and items with the utmost quality. Some of my favorite items from the boys' closets are from her shop!

I always look forward to interacting with Shana and her customer service is always impeccable. I am thrilled she wanted to share with us about her take fashion and how raising 4 daughters has changed her view on a trending style - so here she is with her take on tutus ::

Trending Tutus.
Not really a fan of tutus or pettiskirts as they’verecently been penned…  I sell them of course, but only for those fairy-princess girls who flutter into the shop in pursuit of only a flair-and-twirl ensemble.  And after too many failed attempts to pursuade them into something a bit more sleek, modern, and refined… I usually scurry away in defeat, rolling my eyes all the while.  But after seeing all of the tutus redone, revamped, and totally restyled, I couldn’t help but snatch up a few before they made their way to down to the shop.  Tutus come in all shapes and forms this season, and they are quite the rage.  

Clothing has always been a passion of mine. One that I’ve lovingly passed down to my darling daughters, who are oft seen with tulle tutus draped from underneath their hemlines, ribbons wrapped and wriggled through their hair and round their bodies, and tiaras perched upon their tresses.  So after all, being mother to these ruffle-crazed girls, I must be delighted by this tutu trend that has graced almost every spring/summer 13 girls’ collection.  From Caramel’s tulle layers edged in muted grosgrain to Jumina’s ombre organics peeking from a layer of soft-mesh overlay, there truly is a tutu for everyone   (barring the boys, that is).  But don’t despair boys, trends are fleeting and ever changing.  Although my girls will beg to differ and will tell you that this one’s here to stay.


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