Sunday, June 30, 2013

how to have fun at the county fair

Enter the fair and get 2 free passes from a nice passerby! Score! Free entrance for mom and dad! Go to pay for the kids at a cash only booth and realize you don't have cash. Send husband to the nearest cash machine. Enter at last. Walk by guy who is collecting "enter to win a trip" tickets. Fall for scam, enter the drawing. Continue on your merry way to the pirates doing the Macarena  cha cha slide  gangham style dance in cardboard boats. Get bored and head over to petting zoo. Get attacked by hunger crazed goats. Get your baby's leg nearly chomped off by said hunger-crazed-goats. Leave the goats terrified and head on over to the sheep. Re-gain confidence from the meek sheep and head back over to the goats. Buy one dixie cup of feeder. Pay man. Find that your 3 year old has ripped off another cup of feeder for himself and decide to pay man for 2nd cup to keep honest. Have fun feeding goats once you get brave. See the goats eating and get terribly hungry. Wait in line to ride an over-priced donkey. Realize riding a donkey doesn't cure your hunger. Decide to go eat after you spent half your budget on donkey rides. Go to eat corn. Realize you just fed goats and rode a donkey so go wash your hands AND THEN go back to corn stand. Buy corn while foaming at the mouth. Taste burnt corn and be really disappointed. Give up on eating and go and win some plastic dolphins. Get excited about winning dolphins on the first try and then realize you have to haul them around. Head over to pay at the rides. PASS GO COLLECT $200!!! No, not really, but find out rides are free for the day so basically the same thing!! Go on 4 free rides and become very bored at how rickety and jerky they are while you get burnt on their metal rails baking in the sun. Decide you have had enough and now you are sweating. Walk 5 miles to car. Decide the fair was really really fun, and a great time spent as a family and then head home. Get home and nap.

Just when you think you have left the fair behind realize you fell for a "enter this drawing" scam in a weak moment of desperation and receive phone calls for the next 14 days due to giving all your information to the free trip scam. Swear you will never go back again. Then wait a year and go back.  Repeat above steps. and flash back to last year here


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh! At least you managed to convince yourself it was fun!

miss_mary10 said...

That picture of Brinley waiting for the corn is about the cutest thing ever. Nice shot!