Thursday, June 6, 2013

superhero summer survival

You guys know how much I love supporting local and small businesses! So forgive me on this... But in my defense Target is local!!! Their headquarters are in MN and it employs many of my dear friends so I can't deny my love for good old target now and again. Plus did I mention it's local!

Here are some of the fun things we found to help us survive a summer that is disguised as the rainy, cold days of spring.

These felt masks are only $1.99 a piece and have our boys sporting all kinds of new powers! Such as: the power to not wash your hands when you go to the bathroom. The power to have candy without asking mom. And my personal favorite, the power to ignore mom when she asks for help cleaning up the toys. It amazing how one little disguise can change your whole attitude and view on life. We are here to conquer the world! Or at least conquer our parents. 

Of course, defeating the enemy is exhausting so refreshments are required. And we all know superheroes can't just drink out of any-old-cup. Obviously! Weren't you in superhero training camp? Yeah me either. But now we both know better. We grabbed these tumblers for $2.99 a piece. 

Lastly a friendly game of villain vs hero. A super great travel version of Yahtzee. Except way cooler and way more superheroes and villains. And way more ways to make your kids laugh, argue and fling dice... you can never have too many of that combination around. So scramble to your local target and scoop this bad boy up and maybe you'll be able to save summer! (Dice game $14.99) 

Look at that saving summer cost less than $30 and you didn't even have to break a sweat! Looks like we all have secret powers.

ps did I mention Target is MN local?

top photos:
brinley wears mini harajuku for target pants
rowan wear mini and maximus pants

bottom photos
brinley's wears pants from Little z kid
rowan's wears shirt by mini rodini and pants little z kid

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