Monday, June 24, 2013

the sling diaries entry 2: memory

Some days I feel like I get so wrapped up in capturing moments that I forget to feel them, to breathe them in. I want to feel them. I want to be part of them. I want to remember it for myself and not through a filtered lens. I want the memory to be in my heart and to come alive when a familiar smell or sound dances around me. I want my memories of my boys to be embedded in me where they can't be washed away. Memories shouldn't be formed from a scribble you have made in a book. I believe memories should be experienced and held tight within you where they can come back to life at a moments notice.

Childhood memories should be vibrant. I pray my boys remember their life filled with dreams, hope and adventure. When my boys are grown and look back on life I want them to see happy visions of me, full of color, cheery prints, and lovely smells. At times life gets in the way and we forget to dance, we forget to feel the rain. So I am reminding myself to make the hard times happy times and to let go and to not cry over things like spilled milk. Because they are watching and they are taking in who you are every single day, and that's what is forming the version of you that they will always remember.

One of my favorite childhood memories is a simple one. It was a night we were all in bed and my parents woke us up, snatched us out of bed in our jammies, and packed us up in the car. We drove 2 hours to see the Northern Lights in the middle of the night. 4 little girls full of giggles and wonder as we drove in the dark. It didn't cost anything but the Dairy Queen bill. The Lights aren't even what I remember (to be honest I can't even tell you what they looked like), but it was the adventure, the surprise, and that special time we shared together that sticks with me all these years later. Sometimes we forget how simple childhood is, and we forget how easily a memory is made. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, in fact, the best adventures are simple and don't cost a thing! So don't be so hard on yourself and try to map it all out, because special times can be created when you least expect!

Childhood - a place to run free, and live without fear. A time to take on and conquer the world. It shouldn't be over-scheduled and planned out. It should be whimsical and magical. A safe place to make mistakes. A time filled with bare feet, silly stories, a Popsicle or 2. A life full of laughter. I love being close and holding on to them tightly, but I also love watching them run wild and free! These moments are ones I want to treasure in my heart always.

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