Thursday, June 20, 2013


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We all know that the 90's punk look is going to be hot any minute, we can see it coming with NYFW setting the tone this past February and then Met Gala's 2013 theme following up and urging us on. I am loving this trend in small doses. I feel that children's version of our trends should be a bit more natural and subtle. The punk look can really be too overbearing on a child. So instead I am giving you the light and airy version - the tomboy version if-you-will. The girl who hangs with the boys and isn't to prissy to stick her hands in the mud, or fetch a toad out of the brush, or climb a tree to save the cat!

I love the idea of these girly looks "punked-up" with hats and sneakers and a tad more black than usual! We all know that pink is a natural color palette for a little girl, so by off-setting it with whites, grays, and blacks you can still keep her looking like that sweet little daddy's girl that she is, yet send her off to hang with her big bro and the neighbor boys! Which ever role she chooses your little girl will be comfy and cool in any of these looks.

My looks were inspired by pale cloud and stella mccartney over at mini boutique ltd. most people tend to make them very feminine and soft, but being a mom of all boys I saw a fun overlooked use to these stunning clothing lines. I love seeing these pieces have multiple uses and the tomboy/punk route is definitely making them have and entire new purpose! The only thing these looks are missing is a set of bright eyes and some bouncy hair! (and maybe a fake tattoo... or 3... or 5...)

look 1: dress here // hat by this brand
look 2: playsuit here
look3: skirt here // tank here


Maria said...

Great picks, love it all!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESE. I was all of these. . mainly the toad catcher and tree climber though (I have owned 73 various frogs throughout my life, to explain). Haha. These are really awesome outfits and I wish I dressed this way when I was a kid. I really just wore long shorts or jeans with shirts I thought were cool, that was about it. Wish I had a daughter to dress up. . .maybe one day.