Wednesday, June 5, 2013

too cool for school.

too cool for school.

Didn't take Rowan long to adjust to being out of school. His too-cool-for-school attitude came along with his kindergarten diploma apparently! Looks like my money got me more than I bargained for.

I asked Rowan if he missed being in class and his response was "NO! School was getting boring!" I guess even my studious little guy needs to run wild and free sometimes. He isn't going to let me get off easy this year, he already claims to be bored. Rowan is fond of occupying his time by bothering his little brother. Yes, poor little innocent Brinley who is usually the source of drama in our home, has been subjected to Rowan's new-found coolness (heading into first grade apparently makes you BIG TIME and it happens over night).

Rowan thinks he is king of the castle, and we all know that the king's favorite thing to do is reign. And wow, he certainly takes his kingship seriously. I am pretty sure he even yelled "off with your head!" a couple times today. Okay, okay I may be exaggerating but I certainly don't see him being the quiet kid off in the corner anymore. He is a wild little thing and he is ready for new adventures and maybe even war. I better arm myself and keep a surprise or 2 up my sleeve! For now I think my position as Queen B is safe - but let's see what tomorrow brings...

he wears : shirt noe and zoe find it here  // cutoff gap jeans // saltwater sandals // american apparel beanie // mini and maximus blanket and tattoo // luckyboysunday friend

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