Sunday, June 23, 2013

welcome to summer.

My first outing to the public pool was about as dramatic as you could expect with 3 kids. We show up and no one is in the pool. The lifeguards were taking a mandatory pool scan/ break. "Great!" I think to myself knowing the boys will willingly let me apply sunscreen with knowing that they can't swim yet. So we stake out on a few open beach chairs and I am trying to get Wrennyn into a shaded area when the lifeguard blows his whistle. I, of course, turn around to see who the little renegade is, only to discover Brinley is missing. I scan the pool with no view of any child disobeying orders... until SPLASH!!!!! Brinley's little body splats into the pool as he whizzed down the water slide. My mouth drops and I run ankle deep into the water only to realize I am in a long sun dress that is now wet at the hem and holding me back from getting any further into the water to retain my child. Brinley is grinning from ear to ear and frolicking in the water. YES frolicking! No joke! Legs and arms swinging and giggles escaping his grin. Completely oblivious to me. The lifeguard lightly blows his whistle and gets Brinley's gaze and the lifeguard directs his eyes to me. He finally sees me wading in ankle deep water and slowly starts to mozy on over. Still bouncy and joyous he makes his way closer and goes to duck under a waterfall. Suddenly he stops and I encourage him to come closer and he bursts into laughter (oh, have I mentioned the pool is EMPTY! and EVERYONE is watching?? EVERYONE!!! Because there is nothing else to do while they take those breaks cause every kid is just dying to get into the water...) anyways finally I realize why Brinley is laughing - the waterfall had knock his trunks down under his little butt exposing his entire fanny! He turns and says "My booty is showing! My booty is showing!!" with the proudest face a 3 year old boy could have over such an event! My face is shocked (and a tiny bit happy) and I say "Pull your pants up and get over here!!! NOW!" he looks at me astonished and confused and with his whole heart he says "But why mommy? I LOOOOOOOVE being the only kid in the pool!" and a little piece of me felt the very same way for him. 

Welcome to summer! Bring it on! xoxo

Also totally digging these crazy cute tattoos by tattly that we got from our pals over at stork baby because she obviously stocks and sells the coolest stuff out there!The ice cream cone is my personal favorite - but Rowan was partial to the watch which I decided was CRAZY CUTE once it was on. Stork-baby has this awesome tattoo bar that they are doing once a month in Brooklyn where you can bring your kid in and get tattoos put on their arm for a few bucks! I mean that is definitely the kid version of the braid bar that was everywhere last year! BRILLIANT! I am loving all these cool people I meet through blogging and hearing about the ways they are reaching their community!

rowan wears a star shirt by noe and zoe of berlin find it here

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Such a great story Shaynah, your kids are the cutest!