Thursday, July 11, 2013

an enchanting little life.

I wish we could all go back to those days of childhood. 
Where we didn't think hard about what we were going to do, instead we just did it! Without looking back, we would throw ourselves in and fully commit to our decision! I wish we could hang on to that love for life. That love of freedom. I wish we could chase those adventures that loomed before us like we did as children. Exploring the world around us, and seizing the day! Even if it meant just trying to capture a tadpole, it wasn't about whether you caught that little bugger or not. It was about the experience. The moments and memories that happened along the way. So often as adults we decide to just stay where we are at, we choose not to "chase tadpoles" but it isn't the end result that we miss out on, it is the journey we missed. The friendships and bonds that are made. And the lessons that we learn during the process. Some times where you are headed isn't about which path you choose, it is about the beautiful things you see. And who you become. So don't be afraid to move forward - there is hope - there is adventure - there is a world out there waiting!

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Erin Austen Abbott said...

You have summed up, so perfectly, what I've been feeling lately. Missing in my life. Thank you for your thoughts and helping me to formulate mine.