Tuesday, August 20, 2013

an awkward post of me in some clothes

For some reason a BUNCH of people (and when I say bunch I mean like 2 people) emailed me within the month and asked if I ever do outfit posts.... well, I happened to have clean hair and some time on my hands so I thought it would be great fun (and by great fun I mean great laughs) to do one for ya! So here I am, in a dress, some jewelry I wore for the 10 minutes it took me to take these, and my "I don't know what to do with my face" face. Hope you like it because I am pretty sure I was having anxiety about my boys' outfits being so much cooler than mine!

 **Photo credit shout out to my 6 year old who is working my angles and pretending he isn't embarrassed by me**

**another shout out to the neighbor boy who pretended not to laugh at us as he drove by - I hope you are choking on your pizza somewhere right now... kidding, kidding... we have cool neighbors - but I do thank him for pretending not to notice us xo**

 in other new I published this and forgot to share where my pieces are from. WOW! #winning

dress Gypsy05 (an older number)
hat Urban outfitters
Bag Luckyboysunday from Cissywears
bracelets Jcrew

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