Wednesday, August 7, 2013



It has been 4 years since you turned my world upside down. I can't believe it! Along with your bright eyes and beautiful blonde surf hair came a spirit of life and laughter. A little boy came into our world and he didn't need much, he just needed some love (and a little bit of guidance otherwise I am not sure he would have ever left playing in the toilets). Brinley, your spirit of adventure has awakened me to a world that I am desperate to be part of. There is so much joy that abounds in you. 

This year we have watched you lick instead of kiss. Make tooting noises any chance you get. Pretend to be a dog. Befriend a pink doll who you named Crackers. Pick your nose. Re-name yourself Pedro. Yell at us for not calling you Pedro. Show us your tushy on many accounts. Be in your underwear any chance you got. Ride your scooter like a flamingo. Swing anything and everything around like a lasso. Steal a sip of coke anytime we weren't watching. Be batman daily. And learn how to be a big brother for the first time. 

You give full-face sloppy kisses. You hug with vigor. And you don't hesitate for a moment before you smack somebody. You chew on gum and your toe nails. You pick your nose and you don't care who sees. You love to boss the dog around and you hate when people don't include you. You are happy to play by yourself yet you aren't scared to approach new friends. You see something and you aren't afraid to go for it. You are so kind (until somebody threatens you, then you make sure you are the first to attack). You love to laugh and all it takes is a small smirk from somebody and you are completely at ease in their presence. You have a heart of gold and you are more loyal than any dog I have ever met. You are the greatest example of care free. 

My world hasn't been the same since the day you entered it, and I am forever changed for the better because of you. Thank you for teaching me how easy it is to let go. Thank you for being patient with me as I figure things out. And thank you for watching the kindle fire for hours while I nursed your baby brother and caught up on sleep. You are a true joy and a beautiful soul. I am lucky to be your "bestest mom in the whir-uld(world)" and no I am not mad dat you so please stop asking. Happy fourth birthday my sweet boy. I love you xoxo


Tasha Early | Glitter+Wit said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Brinley! These photographs are amazing.

Unknown said...

The aviator picking his nose is my favorite. :) That boy has enough personality for two or three! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what sweet boys

Unknown said...

his pictures just made me laugh forever!!! happy birthday again!