Thursday, August 8, 2013

inspired || claire aka kawaiigirl79

new series :: not everybody blogs

I am starting a new series, called "not everybody blogs" because I feel a huge lot of people who aren't on the blogger radar are being overlooked for inspiration. So many blogs swap back and forth with each other and share guest posts, that they forget there is an ENTIRE world of beautiful inspiration. So I wanted to bring some under-the-radar people who inspire me in many different categories. This isn't going to be a plotted out series, but more sparactic due to when I come across somebody that I feel is genuine and real and inspiring. The categories will range from personal style, parenting style, home decor, photography, craft, or just plain old FREAKING AWESOME!  

I am starting this series with Claire ( @kawaiigirl79 ) because not only she is one of the very first people that I connected with on instagram in more of a friendship manor, but her photos always make me cheerful and a bit jealous (in a good way!)

We may live oceans apart, but I find it strange and beautiful that many of our lives really aren't that different! My friendship with Claire started with just pleasantries exchanged on photos... and then it became a little more personal as we grew to know one another through our feeds, then we started making jokes and sharing love of children's clothing *cough cough quirky items with fruit and animals on them cough cough.** I can't ignore that we are both suckers for good books! And now we have tea and crumpets in our imaginary get togethers with all of our other not-real-life friends. So, I would say we are quite fond of one another's sense of humor and taste in material things, but not nearly as much as we are interested in each other's personal values! And she must trust me a bit if she gave me her email address when I begged, and that is real friendship! **add winky faces**

I hope you all enjoy getting to know her a bit more, I know you will find inspiration through Claire's eyes 'cause she just does her own unique thing and rocks at it!

Oh, and not only are her photos inspiring and candy colored, but her children are both beautiful and Claire's design taste is incredible and in a category all to itself! Here is our get-to-know-me-since-i-don't-have-a-blog interview **winky, kiss face**

For starters tell us what part of the world you live in? 
I live in a small seaside town near Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

What is your favorite thing about where you live? 
I live beside the sea and the beach is on my doorstep.

Are you a working mother? 

Yes, I work 4 days a week as a radiographer/sonographer

What is one hard lesson you have learned in life? 

Good friends are hard to come by. And they can come and go very quickly.

 3 words that best describe your style:

 comfortable, casual, laid back (I know, not very exciting!)

What is your one go-to store: For your clothes? 

Topshop. They do the best skinny jeans! 

For kids clothes? 
I have to pick one?! Ahhhhh! I would go with H&M as its affordable but always on trend.

For home decor? 
I know it's cheesy and not very original but I have to go with Ikea as we have used so much of it in our home! Including our entire kitchen.

One product you can't live without? 

My iPhone/iPad  Could not live without!!! No explanation needed.

What words best describe you philosophy about parenting? 

I think the trick is to be patient and stay calm. Things which I really struggle with sometimes. I really believe in discipline and i dislike rudeness. But I think having fun is so important and I try to create new memories for my kids by recreating some of my favourite memories from my childhood. Oh yes and it's the simple things that appeal most to children!

What is the hardest thing you have learned while parenting? 

That as each day passes my kids grow older and I will never get that time back. So I try to appreciate every single day and spend it wisely. They are only small for such a short time.

You are nearly out of the toddler stages, what have you loved most about this new era? and what are you most sad to leave behind?

My youngest Ruby is nearly 3. It makes me so sad that she is growing up so fast, but I love her little attitude and personality. She is developing her own interests and opinions (which I may not always agree with!) Ha! I'm sad that my little girl is growing up and that she will be my last baby, so it is all so bittersweet.

What is one thing about yourself that would surprise people?

I am really untidy. I have tried to change and it's always my New Years resolution! It cracks my husband up. Sometimes you cannot see the floor in my bedroom for the mess, I'm like a teenager. Sometimes I brush the mess aside when I'm taking a picture for IG!

Who is you biggest celebrity (style) inspiration?

I love Nicole Richie, have done for years. I love the way she is a mix between boho and rock chic. She can wear anything and never looks like she is trying.

What is your favorite item in your home? 

Hmmmm, that's so hard! I think I would have to go with our book collection! Interior and childrens books are my favourite and I never get bored of looking at all the amazing pictures.

 If we stopped by right this second, what state would we find your house in? 
Our entrance hall is a mess! Things are always dumped everywhere! Coats, bags and shoes. And probably star wars figures. Oh and you would definitely find wet towels on the bathroom floor and even on my bedroom floor. My messiness is showing here again.

What is your favorite source of social media? and why? 

Instagram. It is my only form of social media and I love it! To be honest I don't know what I did with my time before Instagram. And the best part is I have met the most amazing people and actually made some real friends. I just wish we all lived closer!!!
(insert me - shaynah here - I wish we lived closer too!!! even if you weren't referring to me, Claire!!! xx)

What is your husband's largest complaint about you sharing your life on social media?

He doesn't really mind, it just bugs him that I'm always taking pictures! He is always asking why I'm taking a picture of a pair of leggings or whatever it happens to be that day! Haha.

What is one place that you have discovered through instagram that you would love to visit?

I saw somebody on holiday in Positano Italy and it looked amazing, so I really need to visit some day.

Who is one person that you highly recommend for us to follow?

That is the most difficult question yet! I follow some of the most amazing people over on Instagram but one persons feed always makes me happy, and that is the lovely Britney @waldoloves. Her feed is filled with dreamy family pictures usually at the beach. Perfection.

follow Claire on instagram here or see all the pretty things she loves on pinterest here 

Thank you so much, Claire, for inspiring through your photos and your lifestyle. I thank you for sharing fashion without making your children appear to be forced. Your natural, style and kind heartedness is what really draws me in - so glad I stumbled upon you and your beautiful family! Oh and may I PLEASE move into your children's rooms? Or even stay in a kitchen cupboard? pretty please!!! It's just so lovely! 


We hope you loved discovering and being inspired by Claire - I can't wait to hear what you guys think about this series and would love to hear some of your favorite things about her feed! xx


Hannah said...

What a great idea!!! Love! And now I'm following her pretty Instagram.

Unknown said...

Love this idea! And I found her through your instagram today and started following :) Her feed is great - so colorful! Tons of inspiration for my kiddo's style and rooms too :)

Unknown said...

great idea for a series! love love love! more more more!

Yaara said...

So great to know u two;)

waldoloves said...

fantastic post of course ! You most definitely can not go wrong with @kawaiigirl79 | Claire !

ahhh! Claire ! you are o so lovely !
Your home and your little loves constantly brighten my day! So deserved to have your own style post!
From your home to you & your littles are just plain darling!
MUCH love & thank you for naming me!
Out of all of the wonderful iG - means a lot & totally makes my day!