Monday, August 26, 2013

newborn session

Never in my life did I envision my amateur photography to bring me into the newborn photo business, but when it comes to a family member, I guess anything goes! So when my niece showed up with her new bunny (she has been begging for a pet for years!) I couldn't allow my hidden talents to go to waste. So we took some loving memories on digital film to remember Frankles and her first few days in our lives. There was lots hopping and giggling and one small incident involving Wrennyn's fat fists and a tiny chunk of Frankles - it was such a beautiful 15 minutes that Frankles was in our yard. We hope her mother allows her to come again! ps can you believe what people are naming their kids these days?!! Pshhhhht FRANKLES?! She is going to have to live with that her entire life.....

We all know it wouldn't be a proper newborn session without some vintage or outlandish props - so without further ado I bring you FRANKLES IN HUNTER BOOTS::
this is how newborns look, am I right? or am I right!?

We couldn't forget those intimate moments between Mother/ Daughter so here is mum snuggling her little bebe::
such nurturing tender moments of bonding that we have captured! (or is she about to drop her???)

We don't usually allow other family members in on newborn session but since she had waited oh-so-long for her new little bundle of joy, we made a few exceptions so here is FRANKLES MEETING THE FAMILY::
that sad, sad, incident could have been avoided if we didn't try so hard to get this fab shot...

Now newborn sessions are known for their unique costumes trendy and adorable outfits and well since overalls are all-the-rage (yee-ha! I just got myself a pair too!) we thought it only fitting to photograph Frankles in one of her most beautiful pieces we call this one FRANKLES IN OVERALLS-THAT-DON'T-LET-HER-HOP-AWAY::

The rest of this session was finished off by photos that show off her small stature and restful moments. Breathe her in Leightyn, she is going to grow so fast, trust me I know, I have kids of my own. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW LITTLE FRANKLES::

Mother and Daughter are both doing great and adjusting to their new relationship very well. Good luck getting her to eat her veggies (as in carrots), mum xo


Anonymous said...

hehe I loved this post - made me giggle!

Unknown said...

I'm about to die of cuteness ...