Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Many of you know our living situation, and if not it is very simple: 5 people - 2 bedrooms.

When we were deciding on having a 3rd child our living situation was already a huge strain. We definitely didn't have the space and the older boys already shared a room. We knew if we decided to have a 3rd that it would be a long time before he could eventually move out of our room.

We knew our living situation wouldn't be forever and we certainly didn't feel our family was complete. So we did the crazy thing, we went for it despite what made sense. We knew that not having a 3rd would be a permanent decision and our home situation would eventually change (or so we hope!).

So our crib and many of our past baby items no longer fit into our family. The crib we had was much too big for our bedrooms. We had to find other options. I actually had asked for some ideas on instagram and many of you chimed in and lead us to BLOOM the suggestions were consistent with recommending their mini crib. I looked it up and fell in love - the design was so beautiful and clean, but with having a baby who was bigger in size I knew that would only be a temporary resolve. So, as I devoured their site I saw the Alma Papa! I had already loved the design of the Alma series and the Papa crib dimensions were the key! It wasn't as large as cribs here in the US but it was larger than their mini. I actually have come to realize over time how massive US designs are. There is really no reason for many of the oversized pieces of furniture that we see in most homes. I love so many of blooms reasonable sized products and their impeccable modern style. I have been drawn to more sleek and modern designs and love how they simplify and compliment some of my more traditional taste. Coconut white was the obvious choice for me only because I know in small spaces the lighter you can keep it the roomier it appears! It is such a classic piece!

When the crib arrived I was so anxious (Wrennyn had been in a pack'n'play for 2 months and it was time he had a proper place to sleep) - but Andy wasn't home and I was a bit irritated that I would likely have to wait for him to put it together. I brought it up to our room and started unpacking it so it would be ready the moment he got home from work. I was so intrigued when I pulled each piece out (can I also just say it was packed incredibly tight and protected really well! I always look for those types of things as they make the difference when you are making an investment!) The quality was remarkable. The sheen that it has in person is so stunning and really adds to its beauty. As I continued to pull the pieces out I was sure that I could put it together myself. It seemed so sturdy and didn't have many parts at all. HEY MAMAS! NO HUSBAND REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY! I was shocked at how simple it was to assemble. Our previous crib was a pain and required 3 people (2 to hold each side and 1 to actually do the assembling). This was a no-brainer! I probably could have done it sans the instructions but considering it was going to be holding my sleeping baby I figured I better read them to be sure! It took me longer to take the pieces out of the packaging than it did to assemble! It is pretty heavy so if you were pregnant I would caution you against lifting the heavy pieces yourself but I had no problem.

I am just in love with the way it looks. I really was struggling with wanting to keep our room sleek and open yet wanted to add a piece that made a statement with still making our living space highliy functioning with 3 kids. The other perk is it is clearly is more beautiful and photogenic than an ugly pack'n'play that clearly wasn't a long-term solution. The Alma Papa is built so solid. We knew that there was a great chance that Wrennyn may be in our room for quite some time and if he ever outgrew the crib there is an amazing toddler rail option that would accommodate our needs and still look stylish.

I also appreciate that with space restrictions they have thought of the storage options - this crib easily folds up and fits into our closet - I tried it and it was so easy to do - but forgot to take a photograph because I was too eager to get it put together and see how it looked. There is no way our other crib would fit in our home closets- it is way too big and is a space hog. Also, the mattress is thin enough it could slide under our bed if it needed to be stored - anyone who has space restrictions knows how limited storage is so those options are HUGE! The crib mattress is actually reversible! One size is 0-6 months (extra firm) and when you turn it over it is 6+ months (firm) so it saves you from having to invest in or replace an infant mattress!

Makes me so sad to think of people who make family decisions based on small spaces. Please don't ever feel like there isn't a product out there to make life a little easier. I can't say enough about how we felt so trapped into putting off having a 3rd kid and I know many of us don't always have ideal living situations at times - but I am so happy to have found Bloom and the innovative and beautiful furniture they create that represents the many different housing situations. I don't think that just because you are in a small space that you need to sacrifice style in any way - and the BLOOM ALMA PAPA is proof of that! Even my mother who loves all things Shabby Chic was in love with it the moment saw it! It truly is a timeless and strong design piece. One of our readers described the pack'n'play as "industrial feeling" and that is exactly how it felt. It was never home for Wrennyn and now he has a beautiful place of his own.

I can't wait to show you how the crib looks in our space! Look out for a room tour coming soon!

**the bloom alma papa c/o bloom - all opinions in this review are my own 


Simple-Savvy said...

We are in roughly the same living situation at our house. mama, papa and baby in one room and a teenager in the other. We have a full size crib we bought for $79 at Ikea in our bedroom. A mini crib would have been a better choice, but the $$$ of it was more than we had. I'm glad you found one you like. The last picture is so cute with little pillows and the blanket!!

ruffledsnob said...

Simple-savvy, yes you totally get it then!! Yes a mini crib just doesn't last quite as longed out situation may be - that's why I love that this is basically in-between the sizes! It's so charming! Thank you for the sweet response xx

Cheyanne Rudmik said...

looks great...I am on the hunt for a crib as we are in the same boot...having a fourth and running out of room in our house so this baby will be sharing with us...

Hannah said...

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