Wednesday, September 25, 2013

don't worry i am not in PR

I have been thinking about this social media stuff a lot lately. I have been seeing so many brands that I love being so candid, almost too candid on their medias. It has made me stop and wonder if social media devalues people or things. There are some things I hold at high regard - mostly meaning my "fashion informers" people that I like to take note of what they are wearing and what they find appealing. What is happening is the more that you peek into their lives the more I find it either increases my opinion of them or it severely turns me off to them. I find that so funny! Why would who they are as a person change how I feel about their style? It isn't like their style changed! Does seeing how they live make their opinion less relevant to me? Is it that seeing their personal lives make me not as interested in owning the same types of things that they do? Or does seeing the real them make me less interested in their style altogether...?

It all seems so quick - you love one thing one minute and then you are bored and onto the next thing. It is like I suddenly have A.D.D. for the first time in my life! I get bored and move on.

Another thing I see is that companies who handle their own PR tend to take comments and interactions too lightly on social media. They respond too quickly out of emotion and they start to discredit their brand by doing so. They are naive if they think people are noticing. Someone is ALWAYS watching.
It is a fine line between mixing personal and a brand. It may make people see too much into your life and they start to not respect your word as much. Or it could do the opposite - it could make people fall in love with you and want to be part of who you are. It is a tight rope to walk on.

What are your thoughts? Does seeing constantly into the life of someone you esteem make a difference for you? Does seeing a brand use too much personal content make you less likely to follow along? I wanna hear what makes it or breaks it when on social media (unless you are going to rip on me and my horribly candid comments, then please walk away slowly without speaking - haha!) Really - no offense taken, I just want to hear honest opinions and what you do and don't love about brands and people you follow.


Anonymous said...

I like people who are honest and open (within limits) about their life. I don't expect or want to know everything about anyone, but the little I get a glimpse into has to be real, not fabricated. I used to follow (and still do) a lot of people whose photos (I'm mostly on Instagram and blogs) inspired me because of the styling in them. They were curated just right and I liked that. I still do, occasionally.

It's when the whole feed or blog of a person is so perfect all the time that it turns me off. A little mess, doubts, tough days are good to share too, because we're all human and the best thing about social media is how it connects people from all over the world, imperfections and all.

Also, when every photo/comment/post a person shares is either an advert or an exercise in getting a brand to sponsor them, it becomes tiring and insulting to the followers.

Sara said...

I agree. I don't like it when everything looks too perfect. I love it when people are real and honest and I can relate to them.

Sara said...

And funny. If they have a sense of humor that's the best!

ruffledsnob said...

Island Fairy and Sara, I like to hear that you guys like real more than styled and propped! I think you're right that seeing into real lives is an easier way to relate and respect someone! Thank you for sharing!

How do you feel about shops using snippets of their real lives intermixed?

Claire Alexandra said...

I have stopped following a lot of bloggers once they began stating their personal opinions about major issues - like being OK with abortion because it's "empowering." I tend to follow fashion and family blogs - the family blogs tend to make well educated opinions on touchy subjects, while many of the popular fashion blogs, on the other hand, tend to make very biased opinions about things that would only benefit themselves. It's really frustrating when I like a gal's style but she is OK with things that can harm others. If someones blog is on style, stick to that and we'll be OK; if someones blog has personal opinions, it's personal and it makes a difference in how I see them.

I also don't like the blogs in which the blogger wears a ton of c/o clothing or jewelry. Some blogs seem like they are forced to wear a ton of c/o clothing in every post, and some seem to flaunt the fact that they get all of this free clothing - all they have to do is post picture and write a few words. Frankly, I think it is quite screwed up that any blogger would accept c/o articles. I would rather see bloggers work with what they have purchased themselves - a majority of blog followers cannot afford the high priced items that brands give to popular blogs. Being creative with what you work hard to own is more appealing to me.

ruffledsnob said...

Claire, yes! I completely agree once people state strong opinions on issues it is hard to overlook who they really are deep down! I think having an opinion is ok but when it comes to major life choices it really gets touchy.

And I liked heRing about the c/o thing. It is definitely something that should not overtake the entirety of your blog content for sure! Especially when it comes to the point that you know they would never own that item - they are just trying to "sell" to their followers.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

Sara said...

I do like seeing snippets of their real lives moreso than what they're selling. I don't want to be constantly sold to. If I can relate, I like your product, and I want to support you I will. I think Instagram and blogs, in my opinion, are more for seeing the behind the scenes.

Unknown said...

I think it's also an interesting line as well. I like people to be genuine and not always so perfect and glossy, but consider the audience... If you have a fashion blog, you might alienate your audience if you start posting your personal politics.

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of reading about everyone's personal dramas - however, getting to know the human side behind the brand definitely has it's appeal too. Something for the readers and loyal followers to relate to, is always a plus - but you're so right, we can't help but be influenced by what a person/brand says in their "raw state" so to speak - whether it makes us love them more, or changes our view of them in a negative light. I have found personally, that empathy is always a wonderful indication that my readers yearn for a personal approach when I post status updates that reflect my life as a "human" or as another mom they can relate to. Great post :).

ruffledsnob said...

De Balino, yes very well put! I do like seeing the personal side of a business, but you have it exactly right, they should be careful about the opinions they put out there! Thanks for sharing you thoughts on it!