Monday, September 30, 2013

shared spaces || room tour

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Our shared space with Wrennyn's nook.
We traded space with the boys a few weeks ago (see what the space looked like then) in order to give them more play space. This room actually works much better with our crib compared to our previous set up (see it here) where Wrennyn was on the opposite side of the room from us. This makes it much easier to nurse him in the evenings and I also have the comfort of having him close by. The Bloom Alma Papa fit perfectly next to our bed and it doesn't come out far so it really takes up minimum space!

We kept some of the ideas from the room in it's previous state, but the updates have really made the most of the small square footage!  I want to be a minimalist but I like my small doses of clutter and my quirky belongings. The room transitions back and fourth between our space and Wrennyn's really well. There are a lot of functional personal touches incorporated . The monochromatic color scheme helps all of our belongings to work together in these tight quarters - using minimal colors really has helped keep this room from becoming overwhelming. The monochromatic look helps keep the room from a childish takeover. I wanted Wrennyn to feel like he had a child's space without us feeling like we lived in a kids room I am so happy that the room can serve both purposes at once.

I love this room and it is where we spend a lot of time reading books on the bed or bonding over toys on the floor. It is a small space full of lots of memories.

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ps sorry Andy this room doesn't have a single trace of you in it. I will let you throw your hat over the bed post from now on xoxo

Bloom Alma Papa crib here // stuffies and cushions and baby blanket here // toy ship here // bedding, lamp and hooks here // animal heads here // garland was handmade by me // rainbow here


Unknown said...

Where's the pillow from? The white one with the black trees on it?! Love it!

ruffledsnob said...

Lana Ambrose, it is by FINE LITTLE DAY (if you google it their blog comes up and then just find the "shop" tab and you go to their store - they have brilliant things and free international shipping! xx

Unknown said...


Alia said...

Having a little bit of crib envy over here lol! Bloom makes the most beautiful stuff! I love their fresco highchair! Love the look of your shared room.

Unknown said...

Unique crib! I actually really like your headboard/bedframe. :)

xo kristen genevieve