Sunday, September 1, 2013



Finding beauty in the simple things.
Finding little treasures in nature. 
Finding those moments that remind you
life has the simplest of joys surrounding you.
But do you see them? Do you feel them? Do you
take the time to discover the little things? Those 
small treasures that can only be seen and felt for a 

Do not rush through life and miss it.

We live life in a fast pace.
Yet where are we headed?
Why are we in a hurry? 

Take life's gifts, they are wrapped up in the simplicity 
of giggles and laughter. Of running feet and 
muddy hands. And hold on to them tight.
For it may only last a season. It may only 
be there for a short time. So don't miss it. 
And don't complicate it, because... 

Life is simple.
So let it be so. 


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Anonymous said...

So so true! Lovely blogpost, beautiful pictures!