Tuesday, September 3, 2013

that time I bought a vintage bonnet for no reason.


There is a good reason that I don't own a vintage store - it is because I would decide to keep everything for myself.

If I had to describe my personal taste it would be best summed up into this: nostalgic meets modern meets a little bit of everything else. I have a great love of things from the past (no, not like the 80's) but the real past - like it lived long ago and was very loved. Fragile fabrics and worn out corners - those are the things that I love. The classic silhouettes and faded colors are just extraordinary bonuses! Cue the dream for a brick and mortar... cue the kitschy name... cue the creaky, old wooden floors.... cue the stacks of used Pendleton blankets...

When Andy is with me he usually uses his practicality to stop me from buying vintage. But who could say no to $2.50? I mean that is practically free these days! And for good grief this bonnet is about the cutest thing in the world! So he couldn't resist my kicking and screaming fit (figure out if I meant that literally or figuratively on your own time.) So away we went with our new bonnet and 2 used hot wheels that we overpaid for, but of course we had to keep it fair and get each of the boys a trinket.

Did I mention yet that I need to open a vintage shop!? No, not one of those old dusty ones that smell like your grandmother's attic... but a tiny quaint one that only sells selective things like bonnets. Oh and bonnets! Ok and maybe a credenza or two. Again, the 80's are not vintage - and just because it is old doesn't make it cool, I am not a hipster. Wait are credenza's hipster?? Is this where the lines get fuzzy??!!! Well, I only like those pieces that make me wonder where the beautiful heirloom pieces have gone. They need to find their way back! Our closets and homes are full of "just for this season" items - I want those pieces that make me never want to part with them (reminder :: begin hoarding intervention for Shaynah in 5 years.) But can't we get back to those things that we take pride in? Pretty please! Versus owning it just to own it...

Anyways, back to the hat. I couldn't stand waiting for the following day to throw Wrennyn into a photoshoot (that's why babies are great, they don't have a choice...) it was dark out and the low lighting made my camera have a hard time focusing, geesh! it was practically like I was using film! And here is to our vintage-looking little munchkin and his fancy bonnet that some other brilliant child wore before him. I especially like Wrennyn's drool (let's keep from thinking that the kid who wore this previously was also a drooler mmmk!) Anyways, I want to eat him up. And I'd say the pairing of these pants are a perfect reflection of my nostalgic meets modern style. Now somebody pay me to style shoots so I can shop on someone else's budget! thanks.


hat, vintage // pants, c/o NOE and ZOE (one of my favorite brands!) // stuffed buddy, luckyboysunday // cheeky baby, all mine

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primjillie said...

You make me laugh! I buy cute vintage things just for the heck of it, too. I have a collection of white baby cotton baby dresses and my baby is 31. So don't feel bad, at least you have babies to model for you! (Sometimes I steal my grandkids and take pics of them)