Sunday, October 20, 2013

a family wedding.

My brother-in-law got married this weekend! It was beautiful, timeless, and lots of fun. Their love for each other was so apparent - everything was so genuine and real.

It was sunny and chilly so I stayed inside with the kids while they took photos which I was sad to have missed out on catching so many moments, but I was just happy to be able to keep everyone happy! The kids were amazing! Like amazing! They listened and were patient (I was starting to worry that they were taken over by cooperative aliens!) They did exactly as they were asked and they were so kind to all of the adults who doted on them  **insert that great aunt cheek squeeze vision right here** I mean these boys were rockstars! It couldn't have been a better day! Wrennyn pretty much hung out in his stroller and missed out on photos due to it being cold - that made my heart ache, but he didn't seem to mind - he was quite fond of being babysat by grandparents of all kinds! I am just really the luckiest girl in the world. My boys are a blessing constantly! Who knew they would be little angels at a wedding too, they make this mom gig way to easy on me!

Weddings always make me think back to the promises Andy and I made to one another... which makes me terribly sentimental. It is like my heart of stone is turned for that brief day into a ball of much. It is pathetic but I cry at just about anything during a wedding. I am such a romantic sap! The bride sees the groom - I cry. The bride sees her dad - I cry. The bride eats lunch - I cry. The bride walks down the isle - I cry. The groom says his vows - I cry. Their is music during the ceremony - I cry. The couple kisses the first time - I cheer! then cry. You get the point... lots of tears for these two!

Lots of people shared the same emotions of love towards these guys and I have. I couldn't get over that the wedding felt so small and intimate even though there were over 200 guests! HEY! Jeff and Amanda, you have WAY too many friends! It was wonderful. So many people care about these two! And so many of those people cared about dancing! The dance floor was jam packed! It was pretty much a hipster mating grounds so we did the cupid shuffle and a few other dance moves and left the scene to the young crowd. I mean nothing makes you feel old like a bunch of guys in tighter pants than you would dare to wear. So yeah, I felt old. Oh, and Amanda, if your grandpa got any sweet pics of me and Brinley's dance moves on his smartphone (which he took a ton of pics on) make sure you send us a copy! 

It was great! I love Jeff and Amanda and I love my family! Many blessings to those guys on their new journey together - we will pray them through the storms and laugh with them through the sunny days. What a beautiful start it was.


 I also, got to do Amanda's hair that morning which made me terribly nervous! It is one thing to do a bride... but to do a bride who is going to be a family member put the pressure on. Thankfully she was so laid back (and I kind of know what I am doing... so she trusted me...) 
stokke, my saving grace that day! Also, the only stroller fancy enough for a wedding! 

the reception:: proof wrennyn was there
 loved the ceiling!

 our one and only shot of us (and not even all of us....) but that is ok, this wasn't our day anyways! 


D said...

You all look absolutely beautiful! Especially love the boys ties! :)
D xx

Unknown said...

Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. :)
xo kristen genevieve


RĂșna said...

I love your dress, can I ask where you got it from? :) x

ruffledsnob said...

RĂșna, it is by Elizabeth and James - I got it on Hautelook (a discounted website) a bit ago. :)