Wednesday, October 23, 2013

brinley says...

Brinley has always been our quirky one. The one who thinks outside the box and refuses to accept the fact that rules apply to him. It is amazing how God gives you a special love for each child and the unique aspects of their personalities. I have this major soft spot for Brinley's way of seeing things. He is quite open and isn't bashful. Part of me is really excited to see what kind of teenager he becomes and the other part is horrified of thinking that he may outgrow some of his behaviors I find so inviting. It is so hard to give you guys a true depiction of him, but I wanted to share some of his latest quotes and comments and I hope that it helps you see into his little imagination!

Brinley on me vacuuming: Don't ever suck me up in dare, because then I will have to live in dare for da west of my life and I won't be able to grow bigger.

Brinley on why Rowan should share: Whoa-when (Rowan) you better gimme yo-wa ipod right now, otherwise you won't be my bestest brudder anymo and When-in(Wrennyn) will be my new bestest brudder.

Brinley on eating skittles before bed: Mommy, I pwomise daddy said I could have some! Me"Andy, did you say Brinley could have skittles?" Andy, "no, of course not!" Brinley "well, I thought you said that when you told me to go bwush my teef."

Brinley on Wrennyn crying: it's ok bu-ud! it's ok! some times mommy is too busy to help me too.... sorry bud.

Brinley on school: I don't have to go to school today. I already know all the things I want to know! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this is adorable! My little one will be two in January, and he's just starting to babble so much more now. I keep wondering what he's saying ... and I just can't wait to hear funny one liners like this! So cute xx

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

He is a hoot! This cracked me up.

Lauren Knight said...

These are great! He sounds like such a convincing little guy! What a character!